WTF? It's a new party game for the PSP

We're not going to explain what WTF stands for, readers. If you're too young to know, erm, use Google

WTF? It's a new party game for the PSP

WTF leads a double life. In one, it's a naughty acronym that roughly translates to "Gosh, what is this incident or happening I see before mine eyes?" In its other life, WTF is an upcoming collection of mini-games for the PSP.

Originating in Japan in the form of crazy cult PSP title Baito Hell 2000 (WTF? indeed), the game consists of a collection of more than 30 bonkers mini-games. Beating them earns you in-game dollars, which can be spent on unlocking more games, or else on unlocking real-world applications for your PSP.

The publisher lists the latter as including a 'bar calculator, world clock, ramen timer, flashlight, and more'.

In return, Pocket Gamer's mind boggles.

The mini-games are more straightforward – the sort familiar to anyone who's spent time with Wario Ware on the Nintendo machines or one of that game's many descendants. For example, WTF's Burping Contest has you memorizing the position of shifting, noisy trolls, while baby chicken sorting sees you picking out the chicks from the cockerels. That sort of thing.

Five of the mini-games can also be played multiplayer using the PSP's wireless ad hoc mode.

WTF is due out in the US in September. There's no confirmed European release date yet.