Cash Money Chaos to coin it on PSP

We'll have all three please

Cash Money Chaos to coin it on PSP
| Cash Guns Chaos

If the idea of blasting gorillas and clowns into smithereens faster than a fairground sideshow-goer with Attention Deficit Disorder appeals, then Cash Money Chaos could be the game for you.

Just announced by Sony Online Entertainment for a PSP release early next year, 360-degree shooter Cash Money Chaos bills itself as a new genre. Older, wiser heads (especially those with access to Xbox Live arcade) may disagree, but still, on paper the game looks like it could press the right buttons on Sony's handheld.

New arrival Syphon Filter and a few others aside, what's tended to work on Sony's format, as on most pocket games devices, is simplicity, whether in Lumines, LocoRoco or even Exit.

For its part, Cash Money Chaos is promising 50 'hyper-fast' levels, pitching you against nothing more complicated than wave after wave of clowns, ninjas, hillbillies, pirates, aliens and mutant chickens and more. There's even talk of enormous bearded lady and a gang of deadly unicyclists, as well as all the power-ups and new weapons you'd expect.

Justifying all this silliness is a plot involving an extra-terrestrial race and its idea of a 1970s TV gameshow. It reminds us of something from the 8bit days of computing – a sense of fun that's too often lacking today, although it shouldn't justify lightweight gameplay of course. (Click 'Track It!' to be reminded when we review Cash Money Chaos next year).

Finally, to bring us back up-to-date both local and internet multiplay is on the cards for up to eight players, in both competitive and cooperative guises. There are eight bespoke multiplayer maps, and an online leaderboard and statistic tracking is also promised.