KartRider Rush+ introduces lots of new content in the brand new season, World Kart Championship

KartRider Rush+ introduces lots of new content in the brand new season, World Kart Championship
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The free-to-play kart racing mobile game, KartRider Rush+, has launched its latest season of content. Season 20, entitled World Kart Championship, will introduce a large variety of new content that ranges from a brand new character to two new tracks, new karts to push to their speed limits, and even a new game mode!

KartRider Rush+ has been a quiet success amongst racing game fans on mobile. It’s got a lovely and endearing chibi cartoony art style that lands somewhere between child friendly with a dash of anime thrown in and operates as a sort of quasi-Mario Kart sort of deal, letting players participate in races on a large number of different courses that each rock their own aesthetics.

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This new season of content will only expand the game further, starting off strong with two new tracks. Shanghai Circuit is a neon-soaked, futuristic-looking track full of twists and turns that are sure to challenge even the most seasoned of racers. Rally Circuit, on the other hand, is a bit more of a traditional sort of Formula 1 track with a simple loop that will only challenge your ability to drift and go as fast as possible.

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Along with these new tracks, there’s even a brand-new racer! Citrus Chen rocks a seemingly dragon-inspired look with a dark, horned crown on her head and some devilish red eyes. You’ll get her full aesthetic nailed down with the new Karts, Cerberus and Spirit Venger. But if those don’t do the trick for you, you’ll also be able to unlock the mythical highlight Kart; Dark and Light Dragon.

Finally, there’s a brand new game mode to try out too! “Boomhill Survival” mode. This new mode will either challenge you to simply reach the finish line first, or it will throw a variety of obstacles and dangerous items at you, forcing you to dodge and weave. Depending on your results, you’ll be rewarded with a bunch of in-game items based on your performance, so don’t miss out!

Phew! Lots of new stuff for this update. If you want to check it out yourself, give KartRider Rush+ a download for free at either of the links below!

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