Pokemon GO introduces the new PokeStop Showcase feature to run parallel with its anniversary celebration

Pokemon GO introduces the new PokeStop Showcase feature to run parallel with its anniversary celebration

The legendary and mega-successful AR game Pokemon GO, from the equally acclaimed developers Niantic, has announced its latest big new feature; PokeStop Showcases. This new feature will run alongside the 7th Anniversary Party, which has begun as of the time of writing this article, and will allow trainers to show off their best Pokemon from the selected featured Pokemon of the event, then place them at various PokeStops to do battle against other trainers!

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Pokemon GO requires absolutely zero introduction, but as always, we’ll give it a cursory introduction in case you haven’t been caught up as of late. This alternate reality game sees you traverse the real world to catch Pokemon, as well as stop at PokeStops to refresh items and place Lures amongst other consumables. There’s also the Gyms system, where you place Pokemon to stake a claim on significant landmarks, which seems to be what has inspired this new PokeStop Showcase feature.

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To sum it up, this new feature acts almost identically as a Gym, except rather than placing a select team of Pokemon to defend your Gym, you’re placing from a selected few Pokemon that are featured during whichever ongoing event may be taking place at the time. This time, with the 7th Anniversary Party, the Pokemon you’ll be able to showcase is Squirtle!

So, your goal is simple; you will choose your best and biggest Squirtles from your Pokedex and slap them down at certain PokeStops, which will have an icon above them to indicate they are taking part in the new feature and get rewards for how big your Pokemon is compared to any other Squirtles placed there. No battle here, unlike Gyms - just simply place down your beefiest Squirtle and see how he holds up against other Trainer’s Squirtles!

If you want to take part in this new event while you still can, you can download Pokemon GO for free at either of the links below! This event will run from July 6th to July 12th, so get in while you still can!

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