KartRider Rush+ launches season 19 with new karts, racers, and tracks as we gear for its third anniversary

KartRider Rush+ launches season 19 with new karts, racers, and tracks as we gear for its third anniversary
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Nexon has just green-flagged yet another season for their mobile racing game, KartRider Rush+, as players take a trip to the Block World. Season 19 is set to feature the new Zenith Interlock legendary kart, which is paired alongside the new legendary character, Bazzi of Liberty. A number of other rewards are also up for grabs as KartRider is celebrating its third anniversary.

In KartRider Rush Season 19, everything follows the Block World theme, with all karts, racers, and tracks designed that way. Players can race as the new legendary driver in the uber-cool kart on maps like the Furnace Frenzy (Block) and the Ribbit Resort (Storybook).

Additionally, the season 19 highlight kart exudes bright light and comes in two different forms. Players have a choice between the Flare Ranger and the Crystal Ranger, both of which are available in the Ranger Centre.

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That’s not all because there’s a new Rally Mode to look forward to as well. Players will be tasked with going as fast as they can on fixed parts of the track. If this is done within the given time limit, then multiple rewards will be granted, which higher stages offering valuable ones like the Universal Coupon, Batteries, and Red Rose Gothic Star Jewel.

Meanwhile, KartRider Rush+ is celebrating its three-year anniversary with a truckload of events. Everyone stands to earn a Three-Year Special Coupon that unlocks items like the Golden Gallant Knight, Flying Engine, and the anniversary exclusive character, Sweet Tooth Naiad.

The coupon goes live on May 12th and will remain available until the 26th. Finally, players managing to finish quests in ranked modes will also be awarded a Three-Year Coin. It can be traded in for a bunch of goodies including the Zenith Interlock, and the Heart Emoji Headgear.

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