KartRider Rush+'s Season 11 Future Factory update adds new karts, tracks, and more

KartRider Rush+'s Season 11 Future Factory update adds new karts, tracks, and more
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KartRider Rush+ has received its first major content update of the year called Future Factory. This new season zooms in at lightspeed with the new legendary lightning-fast speed kart Beetle Dasher and leaping item kart Buzzwheeler.

Future Factory will include two new dynamic tracks – the Trap Factory and the Gear Grinder. Trap Factory will see players race through a chaotic machine shop, while in Gear Grinder racers will be slipping through moving doors while trying to dodge dangerous enemy robots. The update also adds multiple new characters including the Factory Manager Brodi, Dr Q, Paper Bazzi, and more.

Season 11 of KartRider Rush+ also sees the addition of a new gameplay mode called Mist Mode. It will allow racers to put their driving skills to the test and reach newer heights. As the name suggests, the drivers’ vision will be obscured by a blanket of fog. This limited visibility coupled with the high reaction time required will push the players to their limits. Completing the race will yield a treasure box containing K-Coins, Turbo Crystals, and more.

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By visiting the Kart Lab, everyone can check out and test upcoming kart prototypes. With this update, Ranked Mode will see the addition of Infini Boost and Track Customization will be open for all to create their own unique races. Dr R’s Kartboard Stealth will be available until January 14th. Karts from the Lab can only be used five times a day in Ranked Mode matches. They cannot be used in New Track Challenges and License Tests.

Item Race Mode will also see the addition of a new item called Super Water Fly that will attack the leading opponent and freeze them temporarily. Certain new parts like the Ion Accel Engine, Ultra Alloy Tire, Digital Steering Wheel, Future Computer will also be added in the coming week. As a celebration of Future Factory’s launch, everyone logging in until January 21st will also receive Brodi and shards in special missions. Levelling up until January 27th will earn players 10x Quick L-badges and 5x Silver Gadget Starters.

Download KartRider Rush+ for free on the App Store and Google Play and take part in the game’s latest season.

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