KartRider Rush+ hosts collaboration with the world-famous Formula E racing league

KartRider Rush+ hosts collaboration with the world-famous Formula E racing league
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Nexon-published mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ announced a brand new collaboration with the renowned electric car racing circuit ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, or Formula E for short, today. With this collaboration comes a wave of content that includes the likes of a brand new kart to purchase, cosmetic items, and three new tracks to race upon as well.

First, let’s go over all these additions. The new cart titled the GEN 2 is a speed race kart that players will be able to buy until Thursday, September 1st. This cart is modelled after the Formula E real-world cars, and attempts to emulate the same sort of style as well as actual mechanics as its real-world counterpart. On top of this, players can collect Formula E shards during the extent of this event and use those to purchase the Formula E Plate, a permanent cosmetic, as well as Formula E Balloons. You’ll earn these shards by racing on those three new WKC Tracks, which will be open until Friday, August 19th.

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To sweeten the deal even further, players will also receive a free gift simply for logging in between Friday, August 12th to Monday, August 15th. If you do log in during this time, you’ll get 8 Formula E Decal cosmetic items completely free without having to do a single task. With all of these new prizes to earn and a brand new kart on offer, there’s plenty to dig into if you’re a KartRider Rush+ fan, but it’s all fairly limited in the sense of time, so be sure to hop on it quickly before it vanishes!

If you’d like to get involved with this KartRider Rush+ and Formula E collaboration while it is still available, you can check out either of the links below to download it for free and get started!

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