Jumper Jon: A few things to know about the vibrant platformer

Jumper Jon: A few things to know about the vibrant platformer

A unique platforming experience

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Jumper Jon is a colourful, vibrant platformer that has been out on Apple Arcade for a while. It is also one of the service's more highly rated games as well. You play the role of Jon, an adorable little devil-like creature, roaming a uniquely designed version of Hell. 

Your goal is to find a woman named Jane. What's interesting about the game is that it is played 30 seconds at a time, so this means you'll have to move along quickly before you end up getting brought back to the nearest checkpoint you visited. A game that operates very similarly is Minit, a highly regarded (and frankly underrated) indie title where you explore the world for one minute each day (hence the game name). 

Jumper Jon certainly isn't your typical platform so we wanted to tell you a few things you should know about the game. Most of these things you'll be familiar with, but can be pretty rare for platformer games. However, with mobile gaming becoming more advanced than ever, we may see more games like this. 

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It Has Open World Vibes

In Jumper Jon, you can essentially go wherever you please. Not as many platformers take this approach aside from a notable game in Hollow Knight, which is a bit like an RPG and platformer. But here, you'll be able to go back and forth with ease for the most part.

As you explore, you never know what you'll discover along the way. Just know that you only have 30 seconds to take in your sights. If you're quick enough, you can settle at a checkpoint and start from there. Feel free to keep spawning at the checkpoint until you know which way you want to go.

There is one particular area where you can avoid the 30-second timer. This area allows you to purchase Mystery Boxes which you can get with Souls (not like in Demon's or Dark Souls). You can find these little ghosts scattered about the colourful land.

Art Style

The style of Jumper Jon will pop out at you when you play. With games nowadays, it's easy to say that, as there are a ton of games with great visuals. What makes Jumper Jon's style so unique is that it depicts Hell in a way that may seem unusual to some.

Sure, there are some icky things, but overall, it features, bright, beautiful colours and even a couple of hidden areas that are even prettier.

Of course, looks can be deceiving as you do have monsters around as we mentioned. But, the area in which Jumper Jon takes place is easy on the eyes and can help make the game a bit more enjoyable, especially if visuals are important to you.

Some Challenge

Jumper Jon is not your typical platformer and it also provides a solid challenge for those who play it. A modern platformer like Celeste is notorious for its challenge, and JJ may be a bit of the same. We already know about the 30 second time limit as a start.

But aside from that, each area is well made and provides different trap setups. Most of the time, these traps include spikes and the like but there are also enemies. Some you can take out with your special jumping attack but you'll need to time it right if you want to kill flying foes.

In the beginning, you should have no problem. But then, as you progress a bit, you'll notice things might get a bit trickier. And really, you decide which way to go so some areas may be easier to get through than others but just know that some of them can provide a challenge...and some goodies too.

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