Jumper Jon: Tips for your magic-filled platforming adventure

Jumper Jon: Tips for your magic-filled platforming adventure

Finding the truth, in a limited time.

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Jumper Jon is your classic platformer game, fresh to the ever-growing library of the Apple Arcade. It's a beautiful and colorful game where you explore numerous worlds and jump a lot along the way (hence the name). Taking on the role of a cute little devil named Jon, your objective is to find a girl named Jane.

You want to learn why there is such an unevenness between good and evil in the world and how to combat it, all as you explore the strange, mysterious landscapes of limbo itself. You'll discover new special abilities and items while you explore this cartoon-ish version of Hell.

You'll also notice that the world is stitched together with extremely quick load times. Speaking of time, you, unfortunately, won't really have the chance to take in all the beauty that's surrounding you. This is because you only have 30 seconds before you die and start over at your last checkpoint. If you've played games like Minit before, then you know exactly how that feels.

Here are some simple tips to embed into your mind as you traverse this vibrant world.

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Grab those feathers

You probably read the sub-heading saying "Huh? Feathers?". Well, these feathers don't make you soar to great heights, unfortunately, but they do allow you to extend your time. These are scattered around the map and will restart your timer. 

They also operate as your checkpoints. So maybe you've gained some ground and spotted some rewards floating around; you can head quickly to the nearest feather and use that as a save point in case you die. The good thing is that you can use them an unlimited amount of times. 

You just have to keep your eyes peeled for them because they aren't necessarily everywhere. They're easy to spot though, especially in such a colorful game like Jumper Jon. Hit that checkpoint and then run like the wind, because remember that the clock is ticking. 

Feel free to play in Easy Mode

There's good news if you want a more casual gaming experience. Jumper Jon does offer an Easy Mode, and guess what? The 30-second timer is completely eliminated in this difficulty level. Video game sightseers, rejoice. 

Yup, so you can put down your phone and stretch or take a sip of your coffee or tea without the need to pause. You can also enjoy the solid music that the game provides. However, if you like the challenge of being under pressure then, by all means, keep the Normal 3-second mode. 

However you choose to play, you'll have fun hopping around with our buddy Jon on his epic adventure. Feel free to start on easy and then switch over to normal if that works for you. Sometimes, it's good to crawl before you can walk if you need to.

Be thorough

Yes, I know that you're under a time limit (unless you play on easy mode), but check as man places and things as you can. If you need to, hit whatever feather you see to reset your timer. Crack any vase or item you see because there will be rewards.

Be curious and interact with fellow devils or mysterious objects. Usually, interactions will just give you some hints but there are other times where magical things happen. You can end up getting sent to a whole new world. 

Sometimes, being in these worlds eliminates the timer. They are essentially like dream worlds. Go in, explore a little bit, and enjoy the gorgeous colors. You'll more than likely come back to these locations and uncover some mysteries. In short, just be as curious as possible. 




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