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Idle Legends tier list of all characters - ranked

Idle Legends tier list of all characters - ranked

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Updated on May 12th, 2024 - Version 1.1. This article has been retired.

As Idle Legends features a complex character system, it is nearly impossible to try every character in the game. It takes not only a lot of time but also tons of resources required to get new heroes. Therefore, the best option to discover the most powerful character is to use the Idle Legends tier list.

This guide will show you every character in the game, ranked from the most powerful to the weakest. Moreover, our tier list is regularly updated, which means that you will always find the latest information here.

For those of you who are playing other similar games, we also have an Archeland tier listSoul Knight tier list, Brave Nine tier list and many others. As with Idle Legends, these are all updated to the latest version of the game, so you can check the meta characters at all times. But enough about that - use the big blue button to dive right into the tier list for Idle Legends!

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Tier S

Tier S includes characters who are highly effective despite the circumstances. The only problem is that Tier S heroes are very hard to get. You need to spend long hours in the game if you want to get a Tier S hero.

  • Gwilym
  • Levana
  • Crank
  • Medusa
  • Cannon
  • Behemoth


If you like to deal AoE damage, Cannon is your best choice in Idle Legends. Using Hellfire Missiles, Cannon can deal massive damage to a single target and hit nearby enemies. Even though Cannon doesn't have outstanding skills like other characters, he is one of the best heroes with good effectiveness even in the game’s later stages. However, HP is this character’s weakness, so it would be best to use him in the back lines.


Behemoth is a beast and hunter who can boast over 600,000 HP, making him effective in the front lines. His unique item, the Deadly Gladiator’s Necklace, is one of the most powerful items in Idle Legends. Behemoth’s main feature is his passive skill. Behemoth deals magic damage combined with a stunning effect on enemies. And if you combine him with powerful attackers, you will be able to eliminate any team in a few minutes.

Tier A

Tier A is the perfectly balanced Tier. It consists of heroes that are effective even in the later game stages. Most Tier A heroes can even compete with Tier S heroes, who seem much more potent at first glance. And they have one significant advantage - Tier A characters are way easier to get than those in Tier S. Below, we've listed all Tier A heroes in Idle Legends:

  • Nuadha
  • Angelina
  • Ereb
  • Venom
  • Belphe
  • Tempess


Angelina is considered the most powerful and beautiful character from Tier A. She is a human and priest who uses Blades of Fury, unique double swords that can deal tons of damage in a few seconds. However, her significant damage is not why Angelina is in Tier A. Angelina’s primary skill allows her to transform into Seraph, restoring 100% of HP. In the Seraph shape, Angelina can deal increased splash damage. Moreover, Seraph significantly reduces taken damage, making Angelina nearly undefeatable.


Even though Tempess is only in Tier A, it is considered one of the most interesting characters in the game because of its exciting skill. Using Fetters of Eternity, Tempess creates a unique mist that traps enemies and damages them. The effect lasts for eight seconds, so you can be sure that it is one of the most potent AoE attacks you can find in Idle Legends.

Tier B

Tier B is the tier for beginners. Tier B includes characters that can be effective in the mid-game stages. Most Tier B heroes can be unlocked even in the first few hours of playing Idle Legends. But still, replacing them with more powerful characters would be best if you want to progress in the game.

  • Lilith
  • Winfred
  • Branco
  • Superbia
  • Dracula
  • Luna
  • Kleos
  • Celaeno


Kleos is a giant and warrior, and he seems to be one of the best tanks for beginners in Idle Legends. Kleos features significant survivability and The War Judge’s Crown, which allows him to deal powerful AoE Damage in the short term. Even though some players consider Kleos to be a higher Tier character because he is a Legendary hero, you need to take into account that Kleos' skill is too ordinary. It only gives him an AoE attack, which makes him pretty boring over time.


Superbia is a legendary demon and knight who uses Inferno Battleaxe to fight against enemies. Even though this character cannot boast significant stats or overpowered skills, Superbia is the perfect option for beginners. He is among the leading competitive characters, even in the late-game stages. Superbia’s passive skill allows this character to deal massive magic damage to all enemies. It is extremely helpful if you need to fight against crowds of enemies with significant HP.

Tier C

At the bottom of the Idle Legends tier list, we have the worst heroes. Tier C also includes most of the primary Idle Legends characters. Most of these heroes appear ineffective even during the beginning game stages. Fortunately, you have a chance to replace them as soon as you start progressing in the game.

  • Tor
  • Catha
  • Desmond
  • Bingyi
  • KV-2
  • Gula

During the beginning game stages, the only option for you is to struggle using Tier C/B heroes. Just opt for those described in this guide. They guarantee the best in-game experience among all low-tier heroes. However, as you get more experience, feel free to replace low-tier heroes with more powerful ones. They will make you dominate over enemies even if you lack experience. Also, pay special attention to the legendary heroes. Even though some of them cannot be called the most powerful ones, all Legendary characters make the gameplay much more enjoyable.

That’s it with the Idle Legends tier list. Make sure to check this tier list regularly - it might change over time, and we will update it according to the latest patch.

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