Idle Farmyard is an upcoming farming sim that's heading for iOS and Android

Idle Farmyard is an upcoming farming sim that's heading for iOS and Android
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Idle Farmyard is an upcoming casual idle title by Hepertonic Games where you manage and run a farm that could be worth millions. The game will be coming out on the 10th of April for both iOS and Android.

Your journey will see you trying to make a successful farm, starting with a single chicken and apply your brains to come up with new and creative ideas for expanding your business. Just like any other farming game, start by recruiting farmers to work for you and increase your resources from there. 

You'll need to collect and save gold as it can be spent on items that are useful for the expansion of your farm. Apart from that, the game periodically saves your progress in the cloud. The game also features multiple seasons such as summer and winter.

Free gold will also be available every time you log in to the game. In addition, the gold can be reinvested in multiple ways and it is up to the players how they invest it as they hunt for a return on their investment. The more gold you collect the easier it will be for you to grow.

Expand your farm and upgrade your equipment to increase production. The farm products are stored in the warehouse where different dealers come to buy them for a certain amount. But, before you will be able to earn any profit, you'll need to invest heavily in upgrading the warehouses and stations.

If you want to try out a farm business strategy game then Idle Farmyard will allow you to have a nice experience of creating a farm from scratch. Idle Farmyard is now available to pre-register on Google Play and App Store ahead of its release on April 10th. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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