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Identity V character list

Every character in Identity V and their roles

Identity V character list
March 25th, 2024 - added every survivor and hunter currently available

Dark gothic visuals, suspenseful storyline, different game modes, Identity V is an asymmetrical survival horror game by NetEase, and it’s available for PC, iOS and Android devices. The game follows detective Orpheus as he’s trying to unravel the mystery of a missing girl within a dark manor.

Identity V characters and roles

The game features many different characters, but only a few are available to use at first. To unlock new Identity V characters, players must get ‘Clues’, which can be obtained through playing and completing quests.

Each day, there are one or two ‘free’ characters available for trial use.

Also, every season, two to three new characters are added to the roster. The characters can be obtained by getting their S-Tier limited costume from the respective season’s essence or via purchase from the illusion hall.

There are two different roles that players can choose to play. Hunters and Survivors, each have their own unique abilities and playstyle. There are many characters for each role that players can choose from.

List of Hunter characters in Identity V

Characters on this list have been placed in chronological order, based on their release date.

Identity V hunter characters part 1 Identity V hunter characters part 2
  • Orpheus - The Nightmare
  • Phillippe - The Wax Artist
  • Grace - The Naiad
  • Leo Beck - Hell Ember
  • Joker - Smiley Face
  • Jack - The Ripper
  • Bane - Gamekeeper
  • Violetta - Soul Weaver
  • Hastur - The Feaster
  • Michiko - Geisha
  • White/Black Guard - Wu Chang
  • Joseph - Photographer
  • Burke - Mad Eyes
  • Yidhra - Dream Witch
  • Robbie - Axe Boy
  • Luchino - Evil Reptilian
  • Mary - Bloody Queen
  • Bonbon - Guard 26
  • Ann - Disciple
  • Antonio - Violinist
  • Galatea Claude - The Sculptor
  • Percy - Undead
  • Antonio - The Violonist
  • The Will Brothers – The Breaking Wheel
  • Alva Lorenz - The Hermit
  • Keigan Nicholas Keogh - The Clerk
  • Norton Campbell - Fool's Gold
  • Ithaqua - Night Watch
  • Orpheus - Nightmare 
  • Sangria - Opera Singer
  • Ivy - The Shadow

List of Survivor characters in Identity V

A list of all the available Survivors in IDV, placed in chronological order, based on their release date.

Identity V survivor characters
  • Memory - The Little Girl
  • Orpheus - The Detective
  • Orpheus - The Novelist
  • Ada Mesmer - The Psychologist
  • Emil - The Patient
  • Anne Lester - The Toy Merchant
  • Emma Woods – Gardener
  • Freddy Riley – Lawyer
  • Emily Dyer – Doctor
  • Kreacher Pierson – Thief
  • Servais Le Roy – Magician
  • Kurt Frank – Explorer
  • Naib Subedar – Mercenary
  • Martha Behamfil – Coordinator
  • Tracy Reznik – Mechanic
  • William Ellis – Forward
  • Helena Adams – The Mind’s Eye
  • Lucky Guy – Deduction Substitute
  • Vera Nair – Perfumer
  • Kevin Ayuso - Cowboy
  • Fiona Gilman - Priestess
  • Margaretha Zelle - Dancer
  • Eli Clark - Seer
  • Aesop Carl – Embalmer
  • Norton Campbell – Prospector 
  • Patricia Dorval – Enchantress
  • Murro – Wildling
  • Mike Morton - Acrobat
  • Jose Baden - First Officer
  • Demi Bourbon - Barmaid
  • Victor Grantz – Postman
  • Andrew Kreiss – Grave Keeper
  • Luca Balsa - Prisoner
  • Melly Plinius - Entomologist
  • Edgar Valden - Painter
  • Ganji Gupta - The Batter
  • Luchino - Professor
  • Frederick Kreiburg - The Composer
  • Qi Shiyi - The Antiquarian
  • Joker - Weeping Clown
  • Alice DeRoss - Journalist
  • Charles Holt - Aeroplanist
  • Lily Barriere - Cheerleader
  • Matthias Czernin - Puppeteer

Game Modes

There are different permanent game modes in IDV plus occasional limited game modes. The permanent game modes are: 

Quick Match
  • Five players game mode with four being the ‘Survivors’ and one being the ‘Hunter’. The Hunter’s objective is to eliminate every survivor before they manage to escape.
Duo Hunter
  • Ten players game mode. Eight survivors have to face two hunters.
  • Based on Blackjack card game, players have to get 21 points. If they get above that, they are eliminated. Players can select a survivor and a hunter as their double identity.
Minor Arcana a.k.a Tarot
  • Eight-player game mode. Players are split into two teams that consist of three survivors and one hunter with the survivors all being on the same map.
  • Each team has a King, a Knight and two Squires. The hunters assume the role of the Knights while the survivors play as the King or the Squires.
  • Squires have to protect their king from the enemy’s knight (hunter) while they are trying to escape.

Players can climb Tier Divisions based on their performance (win/lose ratio). Also, during ranked games, they earn Character points for the specific character that they are using.

There are some Identity V characters that excel in certain game modes because of their unique abilities and playstyle. Game patches will shift the 'meta' occasionally. For example, with the latest patch, we saw the 'adjustment' of many characters. Some characters got buffed while others received nerfs. Like we've mentioned above, each character has their own unique playstyle, be sure to find the one that fits yours.

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