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Identity V - Best hunters

Identity V - Best hunters

A tier list of the best Identity V hunters

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Updated on June 13th, 2024 - Version 1.0.116 - Season 31

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you try to make an Identity V hunters tier list. For example, what kind of game mode are we talking about? There are champions who excel in certain situations but, they lose a lot of what makes them great in a different game mode (I'm talking about you Feaster).

It’s a totally different scenario when you play as a solo hunter in a Rank game, compared to let’s say, Tournament mode, five versus five team play. Synergies, team awareness, and so forth, the reasons are obvious so we won’t get too much into it, but you get the idea.

Of course, personal preference comes into play, and how comfortable one is playing the champion. Someone can climb the ladder playing an “off-meta” character if they are THAT good at the specific champion. But, those people are the exception, not the 'rule'. So, if your favourite Identity V hunter didn’t make the list, don’t get mad, we are just trying to be objective here and help out players.

How to check which are the best hunters in Identity V?

You can just check top players' profiles on the leaderboards. You’ll see that most favour certain hunters. You’ll notice a ‘trend’, a ‘meta’. And these are people who understand the game very well, so they don’t pick a character just because. There’s a reason. What reason? Not all champions are equal.

Of course, every server has its own “meta” in a way. For example, you’ll see some champions getting picked a lot more in Asian servers compared to the West.

So, with all that being said, we tried to put together a tier list for Identity V hunters, taking into consideration all of the above. How characters perform in different game modes. The ones who can perform great in every game mode will be at the top of our list.

We’ve also taken into consideration the new skill adjustments from the latest patch. Please note that the order within each tier is random and it doesn't mean anything.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Tier S

Best hunters Identity V
  • The Night Watch - Ithaqua
  • The Nightmare – Orpheus
  • Keigan Nicholas Keogh - The Clerk
  • Dream Witch – Yidhra
  • Wax Artist - Phillippe
  • The Breaking Wheel – The Will Brothers - Polun
  • Sculptor – Galatea
  • Hermit - Alva Lorenz

If you are playing IDV for a while now, this won’t come as a surprise to you. Dream Witch and Sculptor. We won’t ‘split hairs’ trying to figure out which one is better than the other. After all, It’s been a long time since these two have been on top. They are just powerful hunters all around. Dream Witch received some ‘adjustments’ that should make her less oppressive, but it’s no coincidence that we see these two hunters in pretty much every tournament.

Tier A

  • The Opera Singer - Sangria
  • The Disciple – Ann
  • Aeroplanist – Charles
  • Guard 26 - Bonbon
  • The Naiad - Grace
  • Wu Chang - White / Black Guard
  • Axe Boy – Robbie White

After the buffs Ann received, she can no longer be kited. She's definitely a top-tier Identity V hunter this season. Someone could argue that she should be even higher. But the next two hunters on our tier list are just a cut above everyone else (If you are playing IDV for a while, you have a pretty good idea about who are coming next).

The newest hunter, the Breaking Wheel is obviously a very good hunter and it's very hard to get away from him. It will be interesting to see how the new map adjustments will affect his gameplay (if at all). It's still early, he might rise in the ranks.

Tier B

Best hunters - Identity V
  • The Violinist - Antonio
  • Bloody Queen – Mary
  • Mad Eyes - Burke
  • The Feaster - Hastur

In this tier we have hunters that see a ton of play in ranked, but they are making regular appearances in tournaments too. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Feaster the rank game king.
Wu Chang’s early game has been nerfed after the latest ‘adjustments’ he received. Every survivor now will know when Wu Chang is using his teleport ability by hearing the sound he makes when he throws his umbrella. Not just that, but his area of effect has also been adjusted.

We would have Bonbon a tier higher but, he also received a nerf and it will interesting to see how it will affect his pick/win rate. He can no longer spam bombs as the survivors won't' receive any damage for 1.2 seconds after getting hit by the first. His explosions won't cancel the rescuing animation anymore either, meaning that they will take damage, but they will be able to rescue.

Tier C

  • Photographer - Joseph
  • Gamekeeper - Bane
  • Soul Weaver - Violetta
  • Evil Reptilian - Luchino
  • Geisha - Michiko

These are the ‘lower rank’ Identity V hunters. They see a decent amount of play in rank games, especially lower tiers, but as you go up the ladder you’ll notice that their pick rate tumbles and you'll rarely see them in tournaments. That doesn't mean that you cannot climb with them of course.

It will be interesting to see how the new adjustments will affect Geisha’s win rate as she received some nice “quality of life” buffs. She no longer needs to cast her butterflies first, then jump and dash to them. Now she can use them mid-air and she can fly to them almost across the map with a good speed.

Tier D

Identity V Tier D hunters
  • Hell Ember - Leo Beck
  • Smiley Face - Joker
  • Undead - Percy
  • The Ripper - Jack

These are Identity V hunters that they don't see a lot of play. At least not in Western servers. There's a good reason for that. The latest 'adjustment' to Mad Eyes was simply a big nerf. Not only did he lose some of his consoles but the time survivors need to decode them went down to 3.5 seconds (it was 5 seconds). Not being able to hit survivors who are decoding his manipulators is just bad. Maybe he's not the worst hunter out there, but he certainly competes for that spot with the other two on this tier. Luchino is a PC hunter, you need to be very accurate with your jumps. He doesn't get much play in Western servers but it's a totally different case in Chinese servers where he gets picked very often and that's why he got nerfed.

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