Identity V's B.Duck crossover returns this month with new cosmetics and accessories!

The crossover will run until the end of the month

Identity V's B.Duck crossover returns this month with new cosmetics and accessories!
  • NetEase's 1v4 horror game Identity V is set for another crossover collaboration
  • This time it's with famous Chinese mascot franchise B.Duck
  • You can start earning exclusive cosmetics and accessories through June 30th

NetEase's 1v4 horror title Identity V is set to hold another crossover collaboration. But this time it's something a bit less horrifying, as famous Chinese mascot IP B.Duck arrives in the mansion. Until June 30th, you'll be able to acquire unique cosmetic costumes for Vera and Luca exclusive to the event, as well as additional items and accessories.

For those not familiar, B.Duck is another one of those quite famous mascot IPs, rife with merchandise and a surprisingly large fanbase, a bit like Hello Kitty. And while some may be confused about the pairing with a self-identified horror game, it's certainly true that Identity V balances out just as much cutesiness as it does gruesomeness.

Identity V characters Luca and Vera in the B.Duck collab

Still, it's a bit of a step down from rather more interesting collaborations, like their most recent one with indie horror franchise Little Nightmares.


But did you know that's not the only mascot franchise Identity V has teamed up with? Yes, it seems that Identity V also did a crossover with Sanrio Friends, the same franchise that contains Hello Kitty! Well, to each their own.

We do think it's interesting to see how NetEase, obviously leaning on the popularity of games like Dead By Daylight, instead chooses to shift more to a 'cute horror' sort of vibe, with much more stylised characters and less outright gruesome violence for what is (we would assume) a more general audience.

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