Higan: Eruthyll is set to soft launch within a few select regions in the coming weeks

Higan: Eruthyll is set to soft launch within a few select regions in the coming weeks
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BILBILI HK LIMITED has announced that their highly anticipated fantasy gacha strategy RPG Higan: Eruthyll will soft launch in select regions on February 23rd. This is the company’s debut title, but the development team includes a few names who worked on the massively successful Genshin Impact, and judging by the hype that Higan has built up, I’d say this is one that gacha gamers are extremely excited to see launch.

The Genshin team’s work is on display here, as it’s clear to note that Higan: Eruthyll has some truly stunning visuals alongside some excellent-looking combat. While the combat is action-packed, it does require quite a bit of strategising as it seeks to mix some card game elements into traditional strategic mechanics.

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Where a lot of modern gachas have taken to a 2D quasi-idle sort of combat, Higan’s combat could actually be easily mistaken for something like Punishing Gray Raven. The encounters are visualised in full 3D, and will continue to move without you until you choose to tap on your hero icons, which will then cause them to use their unique abilities.

You can also utilise a slow-down mechanic that will ease the action to a light crawl, allowing you to gather your bearings and choose carefully which heroes need to go where as well as what abilities need to be used. It’s a really unique mix that lands between an action RPG and card game, so if you’re a fan of either, you’ll probably dig this one.

And soon, on the 23rd of this month, players within Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia will be able to start playing! Check out either of the links below this article for a deeper look at the game, and be sure to save them to download when the game finally does launch in a few weeks!

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