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Higan: Eruthyll codes (April 2023)

These redeem codes will net you thousands of in-game credits, boxes, potions and other awesome gifts.

Higan: Eruthyll codes (April 2023)
| Higan: Eruthyll

Redeem codes can be a blessing for many players facing resource drain or those who just want some freebies while actively playing their favourite game. The developers share these codes on a regular basis via different social media handles such as their official Facebook page and official Discord server.

Higan: Eruthyll can be quite time-consuming and grindy, with few resources to spare as you progress. Any free rewards are always welcome and desired. In this article, we will be sharing all the currently active redeem codes for Higan: Eruthyll. Make sure to revisit this page for future updates on new redeem codes.


  • TIMAEUSS - Heartbeat Gift box 10+ Long lasting Gift box x20+ 30k Credit
  • HEgachagaming - 300 Standard dubriostal + Fine with potion x2+ 20k Credit
  • CHAOTICHE46 - Heartbeat Gift box x10+ Long lasting gift box x20+ 30k Credit
  • FreeSSRrewards - 10 Standard dubriostal + 20k Credit
  • RealtimePVPbattles - 10 Intermediate Material select box+ 10k Credit
  • 3DrealtimecombatRPG - 5 Basic Select Material Box + 5 Prototype Stone custom box + 10k Credit
  • Letsplaytogether - 5 Quadruple Stone custom Box+ 10k Credit
  • HiganEruthyll0406 - 2 Fine wit potion + 20k Credit
  • THEANIMEMAN - 10 Quadrople Stone Custom Box + 20 Prototype Stone custom box
  • HACKSMITH - 5 Fine wit potion+ 10 Standard wit potion + 50k Credit
  • XLICEHE46 - 50 Standard dubriostal + 10 Standard wit potion + 30k Credit
  • DISHHE46 - 30 basic select material Box+ 10 Fine wit potion + 15 Intermediate selected box
  • VARSHE46 - 30 basic select material Box + 10 Fine wit potion + 15 Intermediate selected box
  • GACHAGAMER - 10 Quadruple Stone custom Box + 20 Prototype Stone custom box
  • VOLTYEAHE46 - 50 Standard dubriostal + 10 Standard wit potions + 30K Credit
  • THELAZYPEON - 30 Basic selected material Box + 10 Fine wit potion + 15 Intermediate Select box
  • ANTONYCHEN - 50 Standard dubriostal + 10 Standard wit potions + 30k Credit
  • TECHSOURCE - 5 Fine wit potions + 10 Standard wit potions + 50k Credit
  • GAMETOONS - 5 Fine wit potions + 10 Standard Wit potion + 50k Credit
  • GIGGUKHE46 - 50k Credit + Fine Wit Potion Blue 5+Standar Wit Potion x10
  • HIGANNIJISANJIEN - Select Mat Box 20 + Credit 80k + Star Sigil Purple 1 + Peerles Gift box x10
  • CAGEOFDESIRE - Star Sigil Purple x1 + Peerles Giftbox x10+Select Material 20 + Intermediate Select Box x10 + Credit 80k
  • VOLKINHE46 - Heartbeat Gift box x10 + Long Lasting Gift box 20 + Credit 30k
  • BRAXOPHONE - 20 x Prototype stone custom box + 10 x Quadruple stone customs box


Currently, there are no expired redeem codes.

Redeeming a code in Higan Eruthyll

How to redeem Higan: Eruthyll codes?

Simply follow this simple step-by-step guide that will guide you to redeem your codes mentioned above:

  • Click on the Settings icon located on the top left-hand side of the main menu.
  • In the Settings menu, players should see “Promo codes” written at the top right-hand side. Click on this tab.
  • Enter the redeem code you want to redeem.
  • Click on the “Confirm” button to get the content of the codes immediately in your in-game mailbox.

These are all of the codes for Higan: Eruthyll, but we will add more as the developers are publishing new ones every now and then. If you're looking for more codes to redeem, take a look at the SSSnaker codes and Left to Survive promo codes as both will get you worthwhile gifts!

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