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Higan Eruthyll, the highly anticipated strategic aRPG, soft launches in a select few regions

Higan Eruthyll, the highly anticipated strategic aRPG, soft launches in a select few regions
| Higan: Eruthyll

The highly anticipated tactical aRPG Higan: Eruthyll has finally launched in select regions. Currently, gamers located within Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada can now take part in this sci-fi action romp, which features a lovely anime art style alongside a future-meets-magic style of setting. With an expansive cast of characters to collect, each with their own unique stories and abilities, there’s a lot to dig about this unique little gacha RPG!

Higan’s big claim to fame is almost assuredly its combat, which is a system I have personally not seen within another game before. It utilizes a quasi-idle form of 3D action combat, where your characters will swing into battle and begin tearing up your opponents regardless of your orders. From here, it’s up to you to tactically order your units in terms of positioning, as well as when to use their abilities and aim them correctly. It’s an interesting take on the very popular idle genre that’s blown up recently!

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On top of this, during said combat, you’ll be able to use an ability entitled “bullet time”, which will slow down time for you to be able to gather your bearings and dish out the appropriate orders for the situation, with no risk of becoming overwhelmed. Needless to say, you’ll be activating this one quite a bit, as Higan can get super tough in the later sections of the game.

To help you with those later sections, there’s a vast collection of characters that you can roll for using the game’s gacha system! These characters all come with their own unique design of course, but also each includes their own active and passive abilities to help you out on the battlefield. Be sure to start collecting them now and get ahead of players who miss out on the first day!

In the meantime, players in the regions mentioned above can give Higan Eruthyll a go for free at the Play Store link below! Alternatively, for those of us not in those locations, check out the official website for a deeper look at the game!

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