Higan: Eruthyll finally announces an official release date, and it's not too far from now

Higan: Eruthyll finally announces an official release date, and it's not too far from now
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BiliBili, the Chinese publishing industry giant, has announced the release date for their first in-house development project - an action RPG titled Higan: Eruthyll. This only-recently announced RPG features a semi-card-based combat system alongside some hero collection mechanics as well as some truly gorgeous visuals.

After opening up pre-registrations only about two weeks ago, BiliBili has now officially announced the release date for the highly anticipated project, and it’s aiming for an early 2023 window launch.

In case you haven’t heard much about it, Higan: Erythull sees players enter a world that is both technological and quite futuristic as well as quite magical too. It mixes up some high fantasy aesthetics with a sort of cyberpunk look, and somehow manages to navigate both effortlessly, making for a striking blend of both settings.

Combine that art style with a huge cast of characters for you to collect - likely through a gacha system - and build your team with, and you’ve got the recipe for a successful mobile RPG. But that’s not all that Higan: Erutyhll has to offer, as the combat systems are quite unique too.

By mixing together a real-time action-based combat system with a cool card-based ability using mechanics, Higan puts a spin on typical mobile RPG combat that has rarely been seen. The closest comparison I can come up with is something like Punishing Grey Raven, where you have to navigate dodging and weaving between enemy attacks as well as throwing your own along with managing your cards to utilise your party member’s abilities.

If all of that sounds engaging to you, this new release date will be excellent news, as early 2023 is not far off at all. Along with this, you can also head over to either of the links below this article to pre-register for the game, and check out the official website for a deeper look.

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