Asymmetric multiplayer game Hide N Seek Adventure is now open for pre-registration

Work with your teammates to avoid being found.

Asymmetric multiplayer game Hide N Seek Adventure is now open for pre-registration
  • You can now pre-register for Hide N Seek Adventure.
  • It's an asymmetric PvP game in which one team hides, and the other is it.
  • The game lets players on the hiding team transform into random objects.

Mobile game developer Mobirix has opened its upcoming hide-and-seek-based game for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store. Featuring the tagline, "Who will become it?", Hide N Seek Adventure is a multiplayer game featuring large-scale asymmetric matches of up to 15 players. The game also features adorable 3D graphics.

Hide N Seek Adventure features two teams for each match, one comprising five individuals and the other with ten members. While few details about the game have been released, it seems safe to assume that the group of ten will be "hunted" by the team of five.

Hide N Seek Adventure includes 19 stages for you to enjoy with four different themes. From the images posted on the game's Google Play page, it appears the various stages include the beach, a hotel, a farm, and a school, among other locations.

Unlike a traditional hide-and-seek game, the game offers a cool twist. If you are playing on the team that's being hunted, you will be able to camouflage yourself as one of the randomly spawned objects, allowing you to blend in with your surroundings. Of course, the team that's "it" is well aware of your ability, so it doesn't guarantee your safety. The objects you can camouflage yourself as change depending on the current stage's theme.

The game also lets you use special skills to help you find hidden objects as fast as possible. These special abilities are randomly generated for each match, so you can’t predict what your abilities will be.

Morbirix boasts an extensive library of mobile games across a variety of genres. Among their published titles are Cave Driller, Super Cat Idle, Lucifer Idle, Water Sort Quest and Dungeon & Evil Hunter. To stay up to date on all the latest Hide N Seek Adventure news, be sure to follow Morbirix on YouTube and Facebook.

Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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