Royal Pirates, the auto chess battler, is now available on the App Store

Android version soon to follow

Royal Pirates, the auto chess battler, is now available on the App Store
  • Idle chess battler with RPG mechanics
  • Features solo and PvP gameplay options
  • Available on iOS, Android to follow suit soon

Soon after announcing pre-registrations, Colocess Games has just released their RPG auto chess idle card game Royal Pirates on the App Store. Get ready to engage in strategic battles that take place in a world full of chaos as the waters have taken over the entire planet. You’re the only one who can fight for the remaining patches of land.

In Royal Pirates, you’ll be introduced to a diverse array of characters, possessing hundreds of different skills and abilities. They all hail from distinctive factions and add something novel to the game. You’ll have to figure out the most accurate combination of heroes to create a pirate squad that can take on anyone.

chess battle on a platform in the sea surrounded by ships

Given that it’s an auto chess battler, there’s bound to be a strategic element. Through progression, you can unlock a bunch of special bond bonuses as well as the ability to play around with your lineups and place your allies in strategic locations. The cycle continues even when away as the hands-free combat system ensures you rake in legendary items and mythical heroes when offline.

Your stronghold is your biggest ally as it is your fortress that will allow you to become the greatest Pirate King to have traversed the seven seas. Here you will forge, smelt, brew, and also upgrade your warship to make it even more dangerous. Colour it with some liveries to showcase your style.

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If you're someone who likes a social element in your games, then Royal Pirates has you covered here as well. Form alliances with your friends and go on powerful missions as you search for hidden treasures. You can also test your mettle against them in the Arena, a PvP stadium where only the best of the best will take all the loot home.

Royal Pirates is currently available on the App Store. If you're on Android, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. Visit the official website for more information.

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