Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery Preview - "A charming hidden object game"

Search for hidden objects across three new eras.

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery Preview - "A charming hidden object game"
  • Explore Victorian, Noir, and Sci-Fi Wonder eras
  • Use the reality shift mechanic to change the weather or time of day
  • Enjoy cute graphics and soothing soundtracks

A new title in the Hidden Through Time series is coming soon to mobile and PC via Steam. Luckily, we were able to get our hands on a demo that shows off four of the game’s levels.

Featuring the same adorable art style as its predecessor, the game lets you explore three eras. Head to outer space and visit distant planets in the Sci-Fi wonder era, join Sherlock and Watson in the Victorian era, and enjoy some good old-fashioned sleuthing in the Noir era. The demo doesn’t feature any noir-era levels. However, it did give a glimpse into two other eras.

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery plays like its predecessor

If you’ve ever played Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic, you’ll find the gameplay of the new entry very familiar. Essentially you'll search each level for specific hidden objects using vague clues to guide you.  A short narration introduces each level, giving you a better understanding of the current environment and the characters within it.

A spaceship parked on a purple alien planet near a waterfall

Each level includes an immersive soundtrack fitting the current environment. For instance, the outer space levels have soundtracks that evoke images of a happy adventure, while the levels featuring Sherlock Holmes feature tracks that give off a sleuthing vibe.

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery's Reality Shift helps you find objects

The last game in the franchise introduced a reality shift mechanic which allows you to change the weather or time in each level. While the feature isn’t included in the demo, the developers promise it will be available upon release. This feature makes each level feel twice as big.

Certain hidden objects can only be found in a specific reality, while others can be found regardless of the current weather or time. Using reality shift can also give your eyes a bit of a break, which is great when you've been searching for an object for an extended period of time.

 Two Victorian era academy buildings with students in the grass covered courtyard

Interact with your environment

You’ll enjoy a calming experience as you tap your way through this point-and-click puzzle game. A wholesome vibe keeps you feeling Zen as you explore each quirky environment. While the main goal of the game is to find as many hidden objects as possible, there is also plenty of fun to be had by clicking around the map and seeing what you can interact with.

Tap on drawers and suitcases to open them. You can even get startled reactions out of the game's many denizens by tapping them. From playing notes on musical instruments to the jerky motions of surprised animals, you'll enjoy discovering each interaction.

It lets you build new levels

Another feature you're sure to enjoy is the ability to create your own levels, which you can then share with the game's community. Create your own clues, or give other players a real challenge and leave no clues at all. Further, the level-building feature allows you to mix and match assets from all three eras.

Graveyard level featuring multiple mausoleums and a group of partying ghosts.
As far as we can tell, Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery is a worthy successor to Myths & Magic. With a calming soundtrack, charming 2D graphics and three intriguing eras to explore, you’re sure to enjoy yourself as you hunt for various hidden items.

 Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery does not yet have an official release date. However, you can keep up with all the latest updates by following iRougeside Games on X (Twitter), Facebook, or Discord.

Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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