Hello Kitty Island Adventure is gearing up for Halloween with new version 1.2 update

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is gearing up for Halloween with new version 1.2 update

Sunblink and Sanrio have just released the second major content update for their recently released narrative-driven life sim, Hello Kitty Island Adventure. It comes at a perfect time as we enter into Halloween season as the Apple Arcade exclusive is gearing up for the spooky season.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s version 1.2 has been aptly titled Kuromi’s Spooky Celebration since it is her favourite time of the year. The patch comes with bucketloads of tricks and treats including a haunted mansion filled with mysteries, themed outfits and furniture, player-owned cabins, and loads of QoL improvements.

The Spooky Celebration event will run from October 1st, all the way up to November 6th. Players can go trick-or-treating with their favourite Sanrio characters dressed in adorably scary costumes. Treats can later be exchanged for exclusive furniture at the Spooky Event Stand, where additional outfits from the daily reward calendar will also be available.

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While this is Kuromi’s favourite festival, she’s not alone as Baku also joins the game as a permanent visitor. Although, he must be attracted to the place using a Spooky cabin. With him, Berry and Cherry, aka Lloromannic will also be popping in and out throughout the month.

Speaking of cabins, the update finally allows players to claim one as they own and decorate it. Customization also extends to friends as everyone can create Friendship Cabins and vacation homes together. If you're just starting out in the game, these Hello Kitty Island Adventure tips and tricks are perfect for starting off!

Elsewhere, the adventure continues as Kiki and Lala uncover even more of Cloud Island. Retsuko also discovers that Friendship Island has begun losing its colour. Players are free to team up with buddies or go solo and solve this mystery.

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