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Where to find all the comic books in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Where to find all the comic books in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

If you have been playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you will see that there are tons of comic books scattered around the world. This is one of the many items that you can collect around the world, as this game does have a lot of collecting and gathering. These comic books actually seem to be Badtz-Maru's; however, he isn't out there looking for them and you do not need to deliver them back to him. He probably didn't notice them getting lost in the plane crash. If you are interested in collecting all of the comic books, we have been on the lookout and have found some locations for them!

We have also explained where to find all the Gudetama, and how to swim, in case you've had trouble with those activities. 

Where are the comic books in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

  • The Adventures #2 - On the beach towel under the umbrella in Seaside Resort.
  • The Adventures #16 - On a small island, in the Cosy Islands.
  • The Adventures #17 - On the Rainbow Reef dock, to the left of Spooky Swamp.
  • The Adventures #19 - On the logs on Hopscotch Island to the left of the massive hill.
  • The Adventures #21 - At the end of the Rainbow Reef Pier.
  • The Adventures #24 - On one of the smaller islands in Hopscotch Island, on the tree stumps.
  • Badtz-Maru #10 - On the beach to the right of the town centre, on a wooden stake in the sand.
  • The Great Gudetama #8 is the second prize for taking a picture of 12 Gudetama.
  • The Great Gudetama #9 is given as the first prize for taking 6 pictures of Gudetama.
  • The Great Gudetama #10 is in a treasure chest behind the Gudetama photo board in the Seaside Resort.
  • Amazing My Melody #5 - To the right of the Mount Hothead Post Box.

These are the books we have found so far. You can also get a comic book each and every day from Badtz-Maru's Comic Shop on the pier. Each day, the book is one that you have not previously collected, and he also accepts exchanges too.

If you've found a comic book not on our list, please leave a comment below on the name of the book and where you have found it, so we can add it to our list!

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