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Hello Kitty Island Adventure: tips and tricks for starting off

Hello Kitty Island Adventure: tips and tricks for starting off

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a massive game that has so many things to do and quests to discover, along with parts of the world to bring to life and characters to make your best friend. It's a game that you can easily sink the next six months into, by the looks of things, with just a lot to discover. Whether you are looking to create a big island of all of these classic Sanrio characters or you're looking to discover all sorts of crafting recipes, there is really a lot to do.

With so many different ways to play the game, we figured we'd guide you on some tips and tricks for starting off on Hello Kitty Island Adventure. This guide will help you know how to best use your items, how to collect more resources, how to make friends a bit more quickly and how to become a master of the time of day as well. There are lots of little tips and tricks to Hello Kitty Island Adventure, which can be used to get the most out of the game and to progress much quicker!

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Tip #1 - Collect Everything

Walking around the island for the first time can be quite a lot, but make sure you keep an eye on the jump icon to see when it changes to the hand icon. This means you are by something that you can collect. There are lots of things to collect: rubber balls, sticks, coconuts, flowers, dropped chests, items that players are looking for, comic books... having a good collection of items will mean that you can craft and always have some items to give away for gifts, which is useful within the game. Going around looking for items isn't as fun as just picking them up while you play!

Tip #2 - Know the best Gifts

Each of the characters can be given gifts on Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and will often give you a gift back and increase their friendship. It is worth learning what items everyone likes best so that you can give the best gifts to make the most impact. You can figure this out either by trial and error, or by asking other characters for advice on what their friends like. Finding all of the best gifts can really increase your friendship quickly and make sure you are getting the most out of your items.

Once you have figured out what item a character likes, you can use the Phone menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to find the Friends Menu. This will then showcase a Character Profile for each of the characters on the island, along with hints on what gifts they like through the tags that these items have.

Tip #3 - Learn what you need

When it comes to crafting, there are a lot of different resources that are needed to create various crafts. If you are struggling to know exactly what you can use an item for, you can navigate to the Inventory, and then select the Info button to discover more information about the item, including where you can find it and what it can be used for. This is for both resources and items required for quests, so if you are stuck and need an item, do check here!

Tip #4 - Use Friendship Blossoms

Playing the game daily can give you Friendship Blossoms, which you can then use to give your friends more gifts! A lot of the game itself progresses through friendship levels with the various characters, so giving a character a friendship blossom will allow you to give them three extra gifts for that day, which can really help continue the story!

Tip #5 - Get the extra Flour

Flour is a resource used to cook in Hello Kitty's cafe. This resource is one that you do need a lot of, but you will mostly be getting one from gifting an item to My Melody, finding Treasure Chests with flour or through rewards. However, you can get one extra flour a day from the shelf of ingredients in Hello Kitty's kitchen, so that you can bake more items each and every day!

Tip #6 - Change the time of day

If you want to skip to a specific time of day, which can be used to progress quests, then you can find a bed and sleep in it to change the time to whatever you'd like. This can allow you to progress your adventure and is just good to know, as Hello Kitty Island Adventure isn't real-time, and sometimes I prefer the light to the nighttime!

These are all the tips we have for you at the moment! Oh, actually, not quite. Do you know where to find all the Gudetama in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

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