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Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list - Every card ranked

Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list - Every card ranked

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If you are a new player and you're wondering which the best cards to include in your deck are, on the next pages you will find our Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list. We rank every card in the game based on their place in the current meta, starting from S-Tier which includes the best cards in the game, down to C-Tier which are the weaker or the out-of-meta cards.

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Even though Harry Potter Magic Awakened just got its global release, the truth is it's been around for quite some time as it was previously available in eastern regions (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau) since September 2021. As it happens in every game, players have already figured out the most efficient way to play the game and a meta has been established.

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But before we go any further, you should keep in mind that especially in a game like Harry Potter Magic Awakened, no tier list is absolute as a lot comes down to personal preference and playstyle. We will give you a pretty good idea about the best cards that most players use by ranking them on the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list. Also, make sure to check out our Harry Potter: Magic Awakened codes! Redeem them to claim various rewards. So, let's get right into it!

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S Tier

Card Rarity Manacost
Avada Kedavra Dark 6
Crucio Dark 5
Sectumsempra Epic 4
Obscurus Dark 5
Kelpie Legendary 6
Thunderstorm Legendary 6

A Tier

Card Rarity Manacost
Phoenix Legendary 7
Baby Antipodean Opaleye Legendary 6
Norwegian Ridgeback Egg Legendary 7
Orb of Water Legendary 6
Friendfyre Legendary 7
Piertotum Locomotor Legendary 6
Protego Diabolica Legendary 6
Golden Snitch Legendary 5

B Tier

Card Rarity Manacost
The Monster Book of Monsters Rare 3
Broomstick Rare 2
Nebulus Rare 2
Episkey Rare 3
Expulso Rare 2
Bewitched Snowballs Rare 3
Atmosphere Charm Rare 4
Side-along Apparition Rare 3
Blast-Ended Skrewt Rare 16
Whomping Willow Rare 5
Aguamenti Rare 5
Fwooper Rare 5
Fire Crab Rare 5
Acromantula Nest Rare 5
Glacius Rare 5
Erumpent Rare 5
Wizard Chess Pieces Rare 5
Troll Rare 5
Protego Rare 4
Matagot Rare 4
Erumpent Rare 5

C Tier

Card Rarity Manacost
Protego Totalum Common 5
Winged Catapult Common 5
Acromantula Venom Common 4
Stupefy Common 3
Essence of Dittany Common 3
Centaur Common 3
Cornish Pixies Common 3
Incarcerous Common 3
Portkey Common 3
Swelling Solution Common 2
Oppugno Common 2
Spiders Common 3
Howler Common 4

That's all we have at the moment for our Harry Potter: Magic Awakened tier list. Keep in mind that new cards and updates will be coming out soon and the meta will shift. So make sure to check back to this page often to stay up-to-date with the latest card rankings in the game! If you are enjoying this type of games, check out our list of the 10 best card games that you can play on your iOS device!

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