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Gunfire Reborn, the popular roguelite FPS, has officially launched on Android and iOS

Gunfire Reborn, the popular roguelite FPS, has officially launched on Android and iOS

The wildly popular FPS roguelite on PC – Gunfire Reborn has finally made its way to mobile, globally launching on Android and iOS today. It is a level-based game featuring a low-poly art style where players make use of over 40 different weapons and tonnes of Occult Scrolls and varied builds to make their way through random environments. Gunfire Reborn can be enjoyed solo or as a co-op experience with up to four players.

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Gunfire spent the last three months open for pre-registration and managed to rake in over a million players. It initially launched two years ago on Steam where it received lots of positive reviews and sold more than 2.4 million copies. Now, Duoyi Network expects a similar response on mobile as everyone makes their way through the Longling Tomb, Anxi Desert, and under the Duo Fjord, looking for something hidden within.

The developers have also refreshed the game to make the mobile experience as smooth as possible. Players can expect better combat, weapon performance, and touch screen controls. The auto-fire function will also make the game much easier to play. Gunfire Reborn’s FPS nature gives players an in the flesh experience while the roguelite element will ensure that everyone has a different experience with random levels and weapons to accompany the player.

As players make their way through the game, they will unlock an abundance of heroes, weapons, scrolls, and much more. With a near infinite number of builds to create, Gunfire Reborn will keep providing everyone with a unique gameplay experience in this constant reincarnating loop.

If you’re interested in giving this a shot, then download Gunfire Reborn on the App Store and Google Play for a premium of $6.99 USD. It consists of the base game, weapons, Occult Scrolls, a few other items and three starter characters.

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