Gunfire Reborn best Tao build

If you're planning on playing Tao in Gunfire Reborn, here's the best build.

Gunfire Reborn best Tao build
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In Gunfire Reborn, you're faced with randomly generated levels that present you with new layouts, enemies, and loot every single time. There's no way to guarantee what you're going to get in each run, but skill can help you hold out until your luck turns. Going into each run, you can control which hero you can play as from a choice of six. Each hero is designed for a different style of playing, but each one will have access to the same types of weapons. However, you need to select the ones that best complement your hero's playstyle and abilities. One of the later but more effective heroes is the purple rabbit, Tao. We are here to talk about the best Tao build in Gunfire Reborn.

Despite being depicted as wielding swords, Tao is not limited to close-range fighting and is one of the fastest attackers in the game. Though she has lower health than most, she has relatively high shields and good movement speed. Her two skills are Swords Out (Primary) and Fatal Bloom (Secondary). The former summons a swarm of blades around Tao but then flies out and homes in on targets while the latter creates a petal explosion wherever you're looking, dealing damage and marking affected targets. Because of her fast attack, Tao burns through ammo very quickly, which can be a concern.

Aside from providing Tao with the right weapons, you also need to level up her Talents and choose the right Ascensions to focus on during runs. While Talents are permanent boosts that can have multiple levels, Ascensions can only be gained through gameplay and are reset to zero when you return to the beginning.

Best Tao Weapons

Gunfire Reborn weapons are firearms and explosives that can be collected and purchased during runs.

Rifles are one of the most balanced weapon types in the game, they work very well for Tao. Being effective at both close and long-range while also having large clip capacities, rifles work very well with her gameplay style. Submachine Guns get less reliable the further you get, Tao can close the distance easily. You can spray a lot of bullets before needing to collect more and they're great for mid-range and close combat.

Injectors, despite their name, operate similarly to flamethrowers. This gives them a large area of coverage and a lot of ammo consumption, making them a good fit for Tao.

Best Tao Talents

Talents are passive bonuses that are unlocked by playing and leveling up. Each hero has unique Talents and these are the general ones that work best for Tao.

Military Backpack is a Battle Talent that increases ammo capacity for all types of ammo. This is necessary for Tao considering how much ammo she burns through. Assaulter is another Battle Talent that increases the damage done by Rifle and Submachine Gun weapons. Since these are some of the best weapons for Tao, it proves very handy. Crit Enhancement is a Battle Talent that works with the fact that Tao relies on lots of hits and ammo. It increases the chance of landing critical hits. Skill Enhancement can help make Swords Out and Fatal Bloom as effective as possible. This Skill Talent boosts their overall damage. Health Enhancement is simple but useful in compensating for Tao's low overall health. By having this Survival Talent, Tao will get a much-needed health boost. Emergency Protocol is for Tao's high level of shielding, which is a bit slow in terms of recharge rate and delay. This Survival Talent makes it so that damage to health is reduced when it's drained giving you more time to recover.

Best Tao Ascensions

Like Talents, Ascensions are passive abilities but only come into play by activating them during runs. They are specific to each hero and these are the ones you should get early on for Tao.

No Escape enhances Tao's Fatal Bloom skill. Not only does it make marked enemies take 20 percent more damage, but it also leaves them vulnerable to Swords Out, which will target them specifically. Warlike Blade enhances Tao's Combat Prowess. For every 10 shots that Tao takes, the rate of fire and accuracy are boosted for the next three seconds. It also has a chance to return ammo while firing. Sword Defense enhances Tao's Blade Manipulation. To better support Tao's low health and slow shield, it reduces damage she receives by up to 70 percent when she uses Swords Out.
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