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Gunfire Reborn elemental combos

Gunfire Reborn elemental combos

Eager to learn all the elemental combos in Gunfire Reborn? Then we've got everything you need to get you started in today's guide. We will explain in-depth what each Gunfire Reborn elemental combo is meant to do, and where it could be used best.

Starting off with the beginning - if you're not familiar with the title just yet, Gunfire Reborn is a mobile action game with a brilliant art style that many would call underrated. The game is incredibly fun (and addictive for that matter) and if you're an FPS fan, then you need to check this one out - it's a hidden gem!

Your goal as a player in Gunfire Reborn is to unfold the narrative by picking a character of your choice. Each hero comes with its own set of builds and quirks, and you can pick up and upgrade various weapons and props dropped by enemies. It's a fun experience for those looking to play a combination of first-person shooter meets RPG rogue-lite.

Back to our main topic though - we're going to explore all the elemental combos in Gunfire Reborn, so you will know exactly how to master the deadliest elements. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

We've got three types of elements in the game, and each one can trigger an effect.

  • The elements are Corrosion, Fire, and Lightning. 
  • The effects are Decay, Burning and Shock. 

Gunfire Reborn - each element and its triggered effect


- Corrosion damage will always deal increased damage to Armor (extra 50% damage to armor).


- Decay decreases the enemy's movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds (a green symbol appears above the enemy's head and a slight green aura around them - you will notice the enemy being slowed down).


- Fire damage will always deal increased damage to enemies without armor (so if they just have a simple HP bar). If they don't have armor, you should always use a Fire weapon, as it deals 50% extra damage to Health.


- Burning effect comes from fire damage. and it deals 20% of the hit's damage each second, for 5 seconds. Burning deals continuous damage to the enemy (a red symbol will appear above the enemy's head and you'll notice enemies being ablaze, of course).

Lightning DMG

- Lightning DMG will deal extra damage to Shields (the blue health bar takes 50% additional damage).


- This effect deals 50% of the hit's damage to all other nearby enemies within 10 meters and causes the target to take additional 10% damage for 5 seconds. It is basically 'splash' damage, or AoE damage (a blue symbol that appears above the enemy's head).

Gunfire Reborn Elemental Combo Effects (Elemental Fusion)

Burning + Decay 

These two elements trigger an Explosion, dealing an additional 200% damage instantly, and it affects an area. It also increases the subsequent damage you deal to that enemy with that weapon (you will deal triple damage with shots). 

Burning + Shock 

These two elements trigger Manipulation, which is an incredibly useful effect - it causes the enemy affected by it to attack other nearby enemies, or to stop attacking altogether if there are no enemies nearby.

The enemy affected by Manipulation will not inflict a lot of damage (when attacking enemies), and bosses and elites are immune to it. It is a great effect to stop enemies from rushing toward you. 

Decay + Shock

These two elements trigger Miasma, which is one of the best elemental combos in Gunfire Reborn. When this triggers, the enemy will take 12% of its HP in damage each second, for 5 seconds. The combo will affect both Shields and Armors, and it can stack up to 9 times.

The effect is great for clearing out large numbers of enemies, but not as effective against bosses and elites. Still, it's a great way to chip away at an enemy's health bar, while still inflicting considerable damage with your normal bullets. 

What happens if you inflict all three elements at the same time?

Sadly, nothing too flashy happens. If you will trigger all three special fusion effects at once, then all you will do is inflict all three (Miasma, Manipulation, and Explosion) combos on the enemy at once. For similar articles, take a look at the Dragon City element weakness chart.