Grindstone's Back to the Grind update brings new levels, weapons and more to the popular Apple Arcade game

Face off against Jorj's rival in the latest boss battle

Grindstone's Back to the Grind update brings new levels, weapons and more to the popular Apple Arcade game

The Legend of Skyfish 2 isn't the only movement on the Apple Arcade front today. No, there's not another new game, but one of the best on the service – Grindstone – is getting a noteworthy update that adds a bunch of levels alongside a new boss, enemy and weapons.

That boss will be Jorj's long-standing rival, who can also chain through enemies as our hero does. To battle them, however, you'll first need to slaughter your way through 15 extra levels. Each of those levels will contain additional traps and foes that are aimed to test even the most hardened Grindstone aficionado.

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Among those levels, you'll find a new enemy called the Jerkameleon. This fellow will munch on smaller enemies and will then become the colour that they are. This means you'll need to either predict the colour change in advance or be ready to adapt your tactics on the fly.

To help you along the way there will be three new weapons you can make use of. These are the Stonebreaker Arrow, Throwin' Bombs and the OK Boomerang – sweet, sweet meme puns. The Stonebreaker Arrow will obliterate large grindstones into smaller ones, allowing Jorj to chain through more of them at once.

Meanwhile, the Throwin' Bombs will grant Jorj an explosive attack that used to only belong to the game's bosses. Finally, the OK Boomerang is actually a crooked sword that can be thrown through a chain of enemies.

This isn't the first update to grace Grindstone, back in February the game added a host of Valentine's related goodness. This brought some interesting new gear to the game alongside a few quality of life changes. You can read about that in Colin's article about the update.

Grindstone is available now on Apple Arcade, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more details on other games that are available on Apple Arcade, check out our dedicate hub page.

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