Grindstone's Carnival of Creeps goes live, featuring a new mystical weapon called the Teleporter Arrow

Grindstone's Carnival of Creeps goes live, featuring a new mystical weapon called the Teleporter Arrow
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Capybara Games has just announced the launch of an update for their acclaimed puzzler Grindstone. Alongside it is a new event called Carnival of Creeps that features 15 new levels with unique mechanics and a Teleporter Arrow item as well. 

As the name suggests, there’s definitely something creepy about the new fest. Players must take on this daring challenge and have Jorj or Jorja visit this deadly carnival where they must gather precious tickets for the prize wheel. Spinning it will reward players with items like resources and valuable gear blueprints. Collecting tickets shouldn’t be too hard. All that needs to be done is to create a chain that slices through wooden or metal targets. The more the targets destroyed, the greater the number of tickets earned.

The catch here is that wooden targets are destructible but metal ones will reappear in a new spot once hit, killing whatever was in its place. Therefore, players must figure out their spawn pattern and use it to kill their enemies, while saving themselves. A single spin on the machine costs 50 tickets with the jackpot prize being available for 450 tickets. Hitting the first jackpot will reward the Teleporter Arrow’s blueprint, while the ones that follow will contain massive amounts of rare resources.

The newly introduced Teleporter Arrow guarantees a fresh approach to completing missions. Using the arrow, players can fire simultaneously at two different Creeps or items and make them swap their places. Their multipurpose use allows them to set up new chains, avoid dangerous situations, or even escape if you find yourselves stuck in a spot! This mystical arrow will surely be a nifty weapon. Players can hop into the Carnival of Creeps from the bottom of the Grindstone Mountain for a fee of 100 Grindstones.

Get yourself the Teleporter Arrow by downloading Grindstone for free on Apple Arcade.

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