Grindstone, Capybara's hit Apple Arcade puzzle game, receives Valentine's Day goodies

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Grindstone, Capybara's hit Apple Arcade puzzle game, receives Valentine's Day goodies

Capybara Games' Grindstone, one of the popular titles on the Apple Arcade, has received a bumper update just in time for the festival of love, also known as Valentine's Day. The game has released its fair share of bonus items since launch, and now, two fresh items are available to try out.

Levels can be challenging to get through sometimes, so certain items can help give you a boost. These new lovingly made pieces of gear should give you the advantage you need.

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The 'Cupid Cosplay' is the first item; it can be absolutely devastating when used effectively. Wearing this outfit allows you to destroy creeps with the power of love, as wild as that sounds (love can be dangerous, right?).

When equipped, the outfit will cause a creep to fall deeply in love with the world, which causes it to not aggro, making things easier. Then, when another creep catches the love bug, both of them embrace one another and explode on impact, leaving a goopy, loving mess. It's a crazy ability that should be fun to implement. It's nuts, but it sure is a creative way to take out creeps.

Next up on the tee is the 'Heartseeking Arrow' which is another great way to show no mercy to creeps. Using it allows you to receive a helpful Hearty health pick-up after taking out enemies. To grab both of these affectionate items, all you need to do is craft them in the inn and equip them You might show these weapons plenty of love once you get used to them.

Another small but important addition to Grindstone is the ability to save your progress mid-game. So, if for whatever reason you need to quit, you don't have to worry about losing progress.

Grindstone is available exclusively on Apple Arcade, which can be all yours for $4.99 per month.

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