Grindstone receives spooky free content update titled Bats In The Big Tent

Grindstone receives spooky free content update titled Bats In The Big Tent
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The very popular and well-received puzzler Grindstone, developed by Capybara Games, has received its biggest update yet. This update features 15 new levels featuring crypt-themed enemies and obstacles as well as a new Paint Potion blueprint to the prize wheel.

After a free update in February, Grindstone players are in for even more content as of today, also for free! This one expands the carnival experience with all-new levels that incorporate enemies and obstacles from Grindstone Mountain’s Crypts, so expect lots of bats, zombies, and tombstones. All very spooky if you ask me.

Of course, in addition to avoiding the walking dead, you’ll also be on the hunt for the Carnival’s trademark prize targets. If you can find all of them and hit them with some force, you’ll be awarded with tons of tickets that you can spend on the prize wheel.

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And at the prize wheel, you can anticipate a brand new option, the Paint Potion. If acquired, the potion allows you to throw it onto any creep, and all adjacent creeps will change their colours to match. It holds two charges, so you’ll be able to use this bad boy throughout any Grindstone content semi sparingly. Granted, with it being so powerful and helpful to solving the puzzles in Grindstone, the two charges are extremely worth their weight and will assist you with beating all that brand new content.

Even more content is also on the horizon, as the holiday of Ramadan will be celebrated within the game! Players can swing by the Howling Wolf Inn between April 22nd and May 6th to celebrate with the town’s residents and see all the special new decorations made specifically for this event as well.

For those of us unaware, Grindstone is a sword-slashing puzzler battler from the developers of the massive hits Sword and Sorcery EP, Below, and even Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes! To learn more about it, or even download it to give it a shot, you can head over to the App Store and give it a gander provided you’re a member of the premium Apple Arcade Service.

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