Shapez and Little Nightmares join Play Pass

Build factories or escape a sinister ship in these mobile titles.

Shapez and Little Nightmares join Play Pass
  • Shapez and Little Nightmares are now available via Play Pass.
  • Build factories and automate production in Shapez.
  • Little Nightmares tasks you with escaping a sinister vessel dubbed the Maw.

Two popular games, Shapez and Little Nightmares, are now available through Google Play Pass. Shapez is a simulation game in which you build factories and create automated production lines for various geometric shapes. Little Nightmares, however, is a macabre action adventure horror title in which you play as a young girl who must escape a nightmarish vessel called the Maw.

Shapez, which was initially released for PC, is a calming game that lets you create factories that create geometric shapes. The further you progress, the more complex the geometric shapes you need to produce become.

Additionally, the demand for your geometric creations rises as you unlock new levels, so you’ll have to scale your production facilities to satisfy consumers. Later in the game, you'll also need to extract and mix colours. Progress through the game to unlock new upgradeable devices you can use to optimize your factory. You can design your factory in any way that suits you, as each problem you face will have multiple solutions.

Simple factory producing circles.

Little Nightmares is an award-winning action-adventure game in which you play as Six, a frightened little girl. As Six, you will traverse the treacherous ship, all while avoiding the corrupted souls that inhabit it.

The game melds action and puzzle platformer mechanics and features an eerie yet whimsical aesthetic. You’ll confront your childhood fears as you sneak across the Maw, solving puzzles and escaping terrifying enemies that would be happy to eat you up if given the chance.

Google Play Pass lets you access tons of paid games for free via a subscription. Well-known mobile games available through Play Pass include Stardew Valley, Titan Quest, Star Wars: KOTOR, and Evoland 2. Play Pass is available for $4.99 a month or $29.99 per year.

Six crossing a ceiling beam in the kitcen.

You can learn more about Shapez and Little Nightmares by visiting their respective pages on Google Play or by visiting their official social media channels.

Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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