Farlight 84 gets revamped season system and new currency with V2.2 update

The new update introduces a new currency, Farlight Coins, to the game.

Farlight 84 gets revamped season system and new currency with V2.2 update
  • The Sunder Realms map will now have jump pads and zip lines.
  • V2.2 introduces a new currency for purchasing cosmetics.
  • The update introduces a revamped Season's System.

Farlight 84 is introducing a new update that adds tons of improvements to the game. Along with other improvements, the V2.2 update revamps the battle royale title's Season system and adds new currency. The Farlight 84 V2.2 update is set to launch on April 18th and promises to improve the game’s lobby.

As part of the update, the game lobby will include content themed to the current season. Further, you’ll be able to view characters and equipment from within the lobby and experience improved matchmaking. The new update also introduces a new season system which merges Rank tasks, daily tasks and battle passes into one system dubbed the Triumph Tracker. Triumph Tracker aims to make goals more straightforward and collecting rewards easier. 

Farlight Coins are also joining the game as a new form of currency. You’ll be able to use these coins to snag skins from the in-game store. V 2.2 also improves the revive system and adds extended items like Shield Storage and Magazine Pouch that increase your carrying capacity. Additionally, each season will now be three months long and will feature a distinct theme.

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The upcoming update also adds skill adjustment for some of the game’s most popular heroes. For instance, Phantom’s Portable Scout skill is receiving an upgrade and a new tactical skill Phantom Crash will be introduced for the character. Maychelle will also receive a new tactical skill Sonic Tracking.

Farlight 84 V2.2 introduces a new game mechanic: universal damage slowdown. Additionally, adjustments have been made to weapon handling, recoil, and rate of fire. The update also introduces jump pads and ziplines to the Sunder Realms map.

Farlight 84 is a battle royale game offering fast-paced matches available on mobile and PC. To learn more about the game and keep up to date with all the latest news, follow Farlight 84 on Instagram, X (Twitter), or Facebook.

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