Interview: Goddess Order's developers explain why 'high-quality pixel art' is key to the game's immersion and tactile combat

Interview: Goddess Order's developers explain why 'high-quality pixel art' is key to the game's immersion and tactile combat
  • PixelTribe believes that detailed pixel art will help immerse players
  • We can expect more character teaser trailers over the coming months
  • The team is focused on crafting a quality experience rather than rushing the game out

Kakao Games and PixelTribe first announced Goddess Order back in 2021, and it's an RPG that I've been looking forward to ever since. I have a soft spot for pixel art, you see, particularly when it's given a lot of care and attention, which appears to be the case here.

And, thankfully, we won't have to wait too long because it's arriving on iOS and Android later this year. Between now and release, though, the team is looking to generate hype by periodically releasing teasers to give us a taste of what to expect.

I recently had the chance to speak with the team about Goddess Order and this approach and learn what they think the pixel art aesthetic adds to the experience. We also touch on what's coming post-launch and how the game might get monetised. 

Can you introduce yourself and your role on Goddess Order for our readers, please?

Terron.J: Hello everyone, I'm Terron.J from PixelTribe, serving as the Contents Director for Goddess Order. My role involves presenting the game's vision and discussing and deciding how the overall look and feel of the game will be portrayed.

Ilsun: Hi, I'm Ilsun, the Art Director at PixelTribe responsible for the overall graphics of Goddess Order. I oversee everything from character and background design in pixel art to battle animations and illustration creation. I'm very excited to have this opportunity to introduce our game.

For those unfamiliar, what's the elevator pitch for Goddess Order?

Ilsun: Goddess Order is an action RPG in development led by the core team behind Crusaders Quest. Story-wise, it follows the journey of the Lisbeth Knights who have been called upon by the goddess to save the world. With its unique graphics and combat system, Goddess Order aims to immerse players even deeper into this epic adventure.

One of the strengths of Goddess Order lies in its high-quality pixel art, which takes the essence of console gaming to the next level. Every character and background in the game is meticulously designed with pixels. We believe that the detailed backgrounds and smooth character movements will add an exciting dimension to the immersive experience of the Goddess Order story.

Terron.J: Additionally, we've emphasized direct control elements to enhance the tactile feel of combat. Primarily, utilizing defense, parrying, breaking, and object manipulation, players can engage in a dynamic action cycle even within the mobile environment. You’ll experience the thrill of strategic gameplay through precise controls in Goddess Order's action sequences.

What were the inspirations behind the game? Both mechanically and aesthetically?

Ilsun: While drawing inspiration from various games, it's undeniable that the spirit of our previous title, Crusaders Quest, has heavily influenced the development ethos of Goddess Order. Crusaders Quest was acclaimed for its innovative combat system, blending RPG elements with puzzles, featuring charming pixel characters. We've aimed to retain the unique art style of pixels while infusing freshness into it, resulting in the creation of Goddess Order with the idea of implementing 'pixel action.'

Terron.J: To implement action with pixel characters, we've paid meticulous attention to the art elements. We found that typical 2D characters struggled to express the intricacies of action. To address this, we increased the character's body proportions while ensuring that frequent pixel movements didn't appear visually unnatural. We've also created various movements for each skill to avoid visual monotony. This unique approach was made possible because we had Ilsun with us at PixelTribe. As well as exploring new avenues with pixels, we're also striving to incorporate several aspects that earned acclaim in Crusaders Quest into Goddess Order.

Is there anything you can reveal about the game's cast of characters that hasn't been announced already?

Ilsun: Right now, on the global teaser site, we've revealed Lisbeth, Violet, and Jan. But players will also encounter many other characters as they embark on their adventures. Each character has their own unique story and fighting style, which opens up a range of actions and strategies. This allows players to try out different tactics based on the characters they choose to engage with.

As an example, let me introduce you to one of our favourite characters at the studio, Luna. Luna is a skilled ice mage with a genius-level talent for magic. She's typically laid-back and easygoing, sometimes even a bit quirky, but when it comes to battle, she gets incredibly serious and powerful — like a cool big sister.

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Luna even has a special encounter with the Lisbeth Knights in a pivotal storyline. Her speciality is area-of-effect (AoE) spells, and we've got an original story for Luna that players can dive into. Besides Luna, we’ll be revealing a total of seven knights through our social media channels, so stay tuned for more character updates!

It's unusual to see multiple teaser trailers on mobile, particularly when the game isn't in pre-registration yet. Why did you decide to take this approach?

Terron.J: We're working closely with Kakao Games to prepare for the launch of Goddess Order. Typically, full-fledged marketing campaigns start 1-2 months before launch to make a strong impression on the audience. However, from a player's perspective, they have to judge the game based on limited promotional videos in a short amount of time. These videos often highlight the most sensational parts rather than the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Instead of relying on flashy scenes to attract users, we wanted to take our time to showcase the real fun and interesting elements of the game.

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One of the things we're doing is releasing multiple character teasers, as you mentioned. Instead of just showing character assets, we're showcasing their personalities, relationships within the story, and unique combat features through in-game scenes. These character videos are designed to build upon each other, helping players better understand the narrative connections between characters.

As we get closer to the official launch, we might focus more on highlighting the game's strengths in the market, but as of now, our activities are aimed at meeting the expectations of players eagerly waiting for Goddess Order, especially those who enjoyed Crusaders Quest and are looking forward to our next game. We want to highlight the unique aspects of the game and build anticipation in a meaningful way.

Mobile isn't short of RPGs at the moment. What do you believe helps Goddess Order stand out from the crowd?

Ilsun: Implementing high-quality pixel graphics for action sequences is already a fresh approach, but what really sets our action RPG apart is the synergy between characters in our combat system. Players will control three characters in a tag-team style battle. With special manoeuvres, more than one character can remain on the battlefield simultaneously. The key to the synergy system is deciding which character to keep in play and when ensuring smooth coordination during combat. When all three characters are on the field together, they can unleash even more powerful skills under certain conditions.

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While considering various synergies, we've designed the controls to be easy for new players who are drawn in by the pixel graphics and experiencing action gameplay for the first time. The overall mechanics are straightforward, but we've included plenty of content that allows players to master the synergy of actions for the best combat experience. We want Goddess Order to be enjoyable for both newcomers and those who appreciate the subtle nuances of finely tuned-action. By emphasizing harmonious action elements and providing deep, varied content, we hope to create a game that stands out in the market and appeals to a wide audience.

Can you tell us about how Goddess Order will be monetised?

Terron.J: Unfortunately, as our monetization model is still under development, I can only provide limited information at this time. We're currently exploring monetization strategies that won't compromise the essence of the action RPG genre and won't monopolize the gaming experience solely through monetization. This is a topic of deep discussion among our team members.

Given that our game involves assembling a team of knights to tackle action sequences, we're considering making knight acquisition one of the potential monetization routes. However, we're discussing various approaches to ensure that the monetization model doesn't dominate the gaming experience. We're also exploring the possibility of offering pass-type products to lower the hurdles in scenario chapters. While nothing has been finalized yet, we plan to structure payments in a way that won't detract from the experience provided by the game.

Currently, the game is slated to release in the second half of 2024. Do you have a more specific date just yet or is that still undecided?

Terron.J: We do have a target schedule in mind, but considering the final polishing stage necessary for the game's completion, the current estimated release timeframe is around the second half of 2024. Given that we're already halfway through 2024 if the game is well-polished, we might be able to announce the release schedule sooner. However, while a swift release is important, we prioritize gaining recognition in the market and ensuring the game's longevity. 

Therefore, we want to unveil the game to the market only after it's thoroughly polished and ready. We're aware that many players are eagerly anticipating the release of Goddess Order, which is why we're conducting this interview to share as much information about the game as possible. Please bear with us a little longer, and we'll soon return with an update on the release schedule.

It might be a bit early for this question but what new content can we expect once the game launches?

Ilsun: Goddess Order's pixel art graphics and narrative-driven story evoke a sense of a well-crafted JRPG. Players will immerse themselves in the game's central scenario and explore its world. I believe that the individual origin stories of the knights will further enhance players' understanding of the presented world. 

Once the chapter scenarios are completed, we plan to introduce various activities for players to engage in as members of the knights. They might solve villagers' requests or engage in tournaments. As mentioned earlier, to satisfy both newcomers and seasoned players of action RPGs, we'll also provide advanced content with differentiated controls. We look forward to receiving a lot of feedback and support after the launch.

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