Kakao Games teased a poster image of its upcoming RPG Goddess Order

Kakao Games teased a poster image of its upcoming RPG Goddess Order
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Kakao game teased an image of their upcoming game Goddess Order, which is expected to release later this year. It will get launched in South Korea first, then probably will be available globally.

About Goddess Order

Back in February 2021, Kakao Game announced Goddess Order. It is supposed to get released this year but there is not much information about the game or when it will launch, but it is supposed to arrive in South Korea first. So, it might get a global release next year.

It will be published by Kakao Games. Kakao game corp. is a subsidiary of South Korean company Kakao.The company has collaborated with many gaming companies and enjoyed plenty of success. Goddess Order will be developed by LoadComplete studio, which is also a South Korean studio. They developed games like Crusader Quest, which was downloaded by over 25 million players and became one of their most successful titles.

Goddess Order teased

Goddess Order is expected to be a side-scrolling (horizontal scrolling) action RPG. It is going to be another pixel art-style game by LoadComplete.

It is supposed to be an adventurous strategic game where you will experience a 2D dot matrix style character just like old games used to have but in a modern setup. It will also have various elements and its own unique combat gameplay. Goddess Order will take place in a fantasy medieval world. It will tell a story about knights, their past and future.

The picture above is the latest image that was revealed recently, which is also d as a key visual of the game. Goddess Order is going to be launched by the end of the year. It is expected to be very different, unlike the developers’ previous games like Crusader Quest. You can also visit LoadComplete's Official site for more information.

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