Genshin Impact kicks off v3.8 update with the Secret Summer Paradise event

Genshin Impact kicks off v3.8 update with the Secret Summer Paradise event

Today, HoYoverse has finally launched the highly anticipated version 3.8 – Secret Summer Paradise update for Genshin Impact. It features the brand-new Veluriyam Mirage, a region full of lush green valleys, strange caves, and amusement park-like facilities. It’s the perfect stop for anyone looking to beat the heat.

Genshin Impact’s Veluriyam Mirage sprawls over a large area with several attractions. Players can simply hop on the Choo-Choo Cart to explore this region. On top of that, phase one of v3.8 also introduces the Secret Summer Paradise event which includes numerous activities to participate in and earn rewards from.

The event goes live today and will be available until the conclusion of v3.8. All players above Adventure Rank 18 can participate in the five event-exclusive attractions. Clearing these challenges will unlock rewards like Primogems, Crown of Insight, as well as Kaeya’s new Sailwind Shadow outfit.

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There are also plenty of minigames to enjoy. The first is called Collection on Cloud Nine, which involves collecting Joyeux Vouchers from Voucher Boxes and Fascinating Chests scattered all over Veluriyam Mirage. These are what is required to obtain Kaeya’s new outfit.

Then there’s the Spino Blaster event, wherein players can test out the Crococannon, a water gun that tests marksmanship skills. Players must destroy the correct Target Balls while avoiding Brouhaha Balls which will reduce the score.

Soujourns of the Barking Fox is a speed trial in which players must travel through the designated rings without crashing into Sleetdross Fruits or Disruptor Orbs. The next game sees players grooving to the beats as they defeat opponents in the Dance of Flashing Thought.

Secret Summer Paradise’s final challenge is Bing-Ball Finchball, a tabletop sports game. Players must launch the Finchball on the board using a power slider. Based on the zone it lands in, points will be awarded.

Explore the Veluriyam Mirage now by downloading Genshin Impact using your preferred link below.

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