Genshin Impact announces version 3.8 - Secret Summer Paradise with the new Veluriyam Mirage region

Genshin Impact announces version 3.8 - Secret Summer Paradise with the new Veluriyam Mirage region

After an eventful few months with the King of Invokation Grand Prix in Genshin Impact’s version 3.7, it’s time to look forward to what HoYoverse’s superhit adventure RPG has to offer next. Releasing on July 5th, perfect in time for the sunny season is version 3.8 – Secret Summer Paradise. It introduces outfits and summertime activities in the newly added open-world region, created specifically for this update.

Genshin Impact’s v3.8 update is taking players to the Veluriyam Mirage, a gorgeous region full of lush green valleys, mysterious caves, and several amusement facilities. It’s the perfect destination to go to for the summer and can be explored through two game modes.

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First is the Choo-Choo Cart, which transports players throughout the area in a rollercoaster-like experience. There’s also the Preprint mode, which goes in another direction as players enter a two-dimensional region full of hidden puzzles and treasures. Here, travellers can unlock Joyeux Vouchers that can be exchanged for numerous rewards.

Of course, there’s a lot more to do in the Veluriyam Mirage than just exploring it. Players will find a plethora of activities scattered throughout the place, including a water cannon shooting game and various combat challenges. In addition, travellers can take part in an aerial race or test their shuffleboard skills in Bing-Bang Finchball.

The upcoming update doesn’t introduce any new characters but is bringing back two best buddies in chic new outfits. The first phase of version 3.8 will see Klee and Eula return in new threads, while Sangonomiya Kokomi and Wanderer will be back in the second half. Take a look at this in-depth tier list of every Genshin Impact character for more information.

Picking up from its predecessor, the TCG upgrades continue pouring in with even more content in the form of a new PvE mode called The Forge Realm’s Temper: Endless Swarm, alongside character cards for Candace, Yanfei, and Kaedehara Kazuha.

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