Genshin Impact reveals first look at Lynette as version 4.0 launches

Genshin Impact reveals first look at Lynette as version 4.0 launches

HoYoverse has just released the highly-anticipated version 4.0 update for Genshin Impact. Titled, As Light Rain Falls Without Reason, it introduces the Fontaine region to the adventure RPG alongside a trio of powerful magician siblings. The latter will be part of phase one’s event wishes. We already learnt about Lyney last week, and it's now time to see what Lynette brings to the table.

Lyney is regarded as the most stylish, vibrant, and popular magician in all of the Court of Fontaine. But he wouldn’t have gotten there without an even more awesome assistant – Lynette. People may not be able to recognise her, but she sure knows how to do her job.

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Unlike Lyney, Lynette has no dreams of popularity or being applauded for her skills. She just wants to be the best assistant possible by ensuring that her brother is at the receiving end of all the limelight. When on or offstage, she is always behind Lyney, avoiding any light or compliments coming her way.

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One place where she doesn’t keep a low profile is the battlefield. In terms of gameplay, she is an Anemo DPS character with agile mobility. Lynette uses a sword as her primary weapon and can deal four rapid strikes to enemies, with two more being unleashed after charging the attack.

Her Elemental Skills involves executing an Enigma Thrust onto enemies, which does Anemo damage. It sees Lynette enter into a highspeed Pilfering Shadow state in the beginning, followed by the Enigma Thrust being unleashed onto unsuspecting foes.

Lynette’s Elemental Burst on the other hand summons a Bogglecat Box that taunts and hits nearby opponents. In addition, Elemental Absorption occurs when it comes into contact with certain elements. Subsequently, she fires Vivid Shots that deal damage based on those particular elements.

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