War Robots has hit 250 million downloads in under a decade

War Robots has hit 250 million downloads in under a decade
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My.Games has just announced that its flagship mobile shooter, War Robots, has amassed over a whopping 250 million registered players across all platforms. The game has been around for over nine years on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam, generating over $750 million in revenue. It still tops all lists of tactical shooters on mobile.

War Robots’ success comes as a result of constantly updating the game, ensuring that it remains fresh for both old and new players. Every year, nine updates are released, each including a plethora of features and content. This constant experimentation has ensured an active player base of over six million that have stuck around for more than two years now.

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The last few years have seen some major updates as well. Back in 2020, War Robots received a full graphic remaster that was seen during the Apple event, followed by leaderboards in 2022. In April 2023, the game celebrated its ninth anniversary, during which the PvE mode Extraction was introduced.

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Speaking about their success, Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer of War Robots, said: “One of the key factors in the steady and continuous growth of any game is the team's ability to experiment. It may sound easy, but all this demands not only bravery and foresight, but also a rare ability to admit one's mistakes and grow from them. We made a team that has it all.”

Interested players can add to this list by downloading War Robots by clicking on their preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game and offers in-app purchases. Visit the official website for more information. You can also find a community of like-minded folk by following the game’s Facebook page, which also includes access to all the latest updates.

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