Genshin Impact introduces new Fontaine region in upcoming version 4.0 update

Genshin Impact introduces new Fontaine region in upcoming version 4.0 update

HoYoverse has just dropped a huge announcement as Genshin Impact’s highly awaited version 4.0, As Light Rain Falls Without Reason is set to release later this month. It’s a massive one because it brings Teyvat’s fifth region, Fontaine, to the game. With that, comes new characters, stories, as well as the first underwater adventure.

We move northeast of the Sumeru desert, where Fontaine is situated. It comes under the purview of the Focalors, the Hydro Archon and the God of Justice. It is a peculiar region where trials are treated as public events that take place at the Opera Epiclese, a popular spot for numerous other performances as well. Genshin Impact’s story continues in this place, as a new Archon quest comes to light.


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Fontaine’s close access to water makes it a perfect place for underwater adventures as well. A special blessing ensures that players will not run out of water beneath the seas, but will only have to maintain their Aquatic Stamina. Underwater combat will also be thrilling as players will have the ability to absorb skills from special aquatic creatures. Genshin’s competitor, Tower of Fantasy has already explored underwater games so it’ll be interesting to see how it holds up in comparison.

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In addition, there are several big bads to look out for in the Nation of Justice. The first boss is Icewind Suite, a result of Fontaine’s popular clockwork technology and art. It’s actually double trouble because players must take on a clockwork meka duo. The couple draws a lot of inspiration from figure skating and dancing moves to attack using the Cryo element.

The best way to combat these bosses is by checking out the three new playable characters, all of whom are magician siblings. The eldest, Lyney, performs Pyro tricks with his little sister and awesome assistant, Lyney. The youngest of the lot is Freminet, a renowned diver who uses his Claymore exceptionally well.

Genshin Impact’s v4.0 update releases on August 16th. Download the game now for free.

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