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Game of Sultans gift codes (November 2023)

Game of Sultans gift codes (November 2023)
Updated on November 28, 2023 - Checked for new codes

Are you playing the famous RPG Game of Sultans, and find yourself tired of buying IAPs? To help you, we are here with several Game of Sultans gift codes that might stop you from needing to make regular purchases.  Upon redemption, these codes let you grab rare items for free.

Game of Sultans is a free-to-play RPG by Mechanist Internet that lets you dive into the world of the ancient Ottoman Empire. While playing the game, you will come across multiple companions who will help you throughout your journey.

At the start of the game, you will take on the role of an Emperor and rule your kingdom. To secure your empire, build castles and develop relationships with other emperors who will provide backup during the war. However, the game offers an experience that's more than just managing your kingdom and war.

Recently, the game celebrated its third anniversary with tons of events and rewards. So, if you are thinking of giving this game a try, then this is probably the right time. Apart from this, Game of Sultans is also known for its surprise gifts. If you are lucky enough, then you might receive one.

Now, let’s have a look at the codes and the simple steps you can take to redeem the gift code in no time.

How to redeem Game of Sultans gift codes?

Follow the instructions step-by-step to claim the codes without any hassle.

  • Launch the game and head to the main dashboard
  • After entering the dashboard, look for the settings tab
  • Press the Gift or Redeem code tab
  • Copy one of the gift codes from our list and press the button
  • If the code is valid, you will receive the gifts instantly
Game of Sultans cat

Active Game of Sultans gift codes

  • There are no active Game of Sultans gift codes as of now. 

Try out these codes if you feel like it:

  • ay54fn82
  • 4a6sp31 
  • k34aw5c 
  • kwx76xc 
  • xan53e 
  • xard9e 
  • xc79cu
  • xb5vde 
  • xban96 
  • xbqw2a 
  • xbstc7 
  • xc28re 
  • agwz6fd3 
  • Sweetsultanbonus
  • Sultanbonus
  • Gosnewyear77
  • Sultan30k
  • Zsj2018
  • Sultancongrats
  • GD895kK8EuDF75s0
  • Y2zVkK8EuR7kuN0
  • J5x4OSxFhR2OW6c
  • HxLJZSDxc8LHUi0
  • s7YIk7XUz4rWvIP
  • wLirfgjNRWbOaj7
  • Y8HTpkx0UNl0tve
  • ByV6Lka3dTG1esA
  • Dk32XbqBSNTy8qW


  • aw5gzdf

What are Game of Sultans gift codes?

Like any other code, Game of Sultans gift codes contains multiple in-game items. Items such as money, speed-ups, special ingredients and lots more. They are legitimate as they are sent out by the developer, so there’s no harm in redeeming them.

How to grab more redeem codes?

The best, and easiest, way to obtain more of these is by following and bookmarking us. We constantly update our page with new and active gift codes. Or, you can follow the official Twitter of the game where codes are sent out occasionally.

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