FurryFury, a cross-platform online arena brawler, is launching later this year for iOS and Android

FurryFury, a cross-platform online arena brawler, is launching later this year for iOS and Android
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The Digital Dragons 2020 Indie Showcase’s finalist – Demibug’s FurryFury is officially coming to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and PC soon. It has been available on Steam in Early Access for two years. Throughout this time, it has been constantly updated with new content and appreciation for its mechanics, graphics and variety of game modes. FurryFury has been rated ‘Very Positive’ with 85% positive recommendations. It is a turn-based online arena puzzle brawler.

In simple terms, you are a Beast who is rolling in an arena against multiple opponents. It works a bit like a pool game but the difference lies in the fact that all beasts are unique in terms of abilities they possess and the arena (aka the pool table), has spikes on it and hidden mechanics that are revealed as the match progresses. You can’t just roll into your opponents, bash them, and expect to win. Players must use their wits to deliver tactical blows.

The graphics have been loved by Steam users are completely hand-drawn. The comic art style for the game is a product of Marcin Michalski, the founder of Demibug. FurryFury also tells a story. A story set in the land of Beasts where the ancient sleeping towers have been disrupted. The beasts who were merely snapped into existence and only care about tournaments and eating must now align their moral compasses and restore order.

The world is absolutely amazing. It is a fairytale land where adventure awaits. The game focuses a lot on the world, emphasizing it with each element. Add to that an amazing campaign, you’re sure to be addicted to the game.

While the game will be priced on the Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android users can enjoy it for free when it launches later this year. FurryFury boasts of zero pay to win mechanics to ensure that every player has equal chances.

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