Fortnite is bringing the new Winter's Trickster Legacy Set to the Crew Pack in the next update

Fortnite is bringing the new Winter's Trickster Legacy Set to the Crew Pack in the next update

Fortnite’s ongoing Crew Pack has been around for a while, offering a number of benefits to its subscribers. Each month, players receive a brand new cosmetic set, 1,000 Vbucks, and access to the current season’s battle pass, all for $11.99/month. While we don’t know what’s going to show up in July, Epic Games has teased the replacement for the Photonic Legacy Set.

If you haven’t heard of the Photonic Legacy Set, it was a Fortnite Crew exclusive pickaxe, which multiple alt styles and colour options that were drip-fed to subscribers each month. Players had until May to unlock its first stage, with it becoming unavailable after that. Now, to replace it, Epic will be releasing the Winter’s Trickster Legacy Set when version 25.11 goes live.

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This time it’s not just an item, but a whole collection as the Winter’s Trickster Legacy set not only features the Volpez Outfit, but also all the cosmetics to go along with it. Like its predecessor, items will be unlocked progressively as long as players remained subscribed to the Crew Pack. And of course, the Volpez skin will be the last one to unlock.

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The set has been divided into five stages, each one unlocking every month. The first stage will be available until October 31st, with the others becoming available subsequently on the last day of each month. Here’s a look at all the stages that are part of Winter’s Trickster:

  • Stage one - Winter's Trickster Banner Icon, the Tricksters Unite! Emoticon, and Trickster's Charge Spray, all of which unlock immediately
  • Stage two - The Underfox Lobby Track and Outfoxed Wrap
  • Stage three - Blizzard's Bite Pickaxe
  • Stage four - Skulk Pack Back Bling
  • Stage five – Volpez Outfit

If you're interested in the Winter’s Trickster Legacy Set, it should go live tomorrow, June 27th. Once the first stage is unlocked, the rest will be available indefinitely. Download Fortnite now for free from the official website.


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