Fortnite releases new Vikora Level Up Quest Pack as C4S3: Wilds comes to an end

Fortnite releases new Vikora Level Up Quest Pack as C4S3: Wilds comes to an end

All recent leaks suggest that Fortnite’s Chapter 4: Season 3: Wilds will end around August 25th. That leaves players with less than a month to grind in order to complete the battle pass pages and earn the secret skin rewards, as well as the super styles for the outfits. Close to season ends are always pretty chaotic times for the battle royale because everyone’s running after XP and as always, the Level Up Quest Pack has been released to simplify all the hassle.

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Part of Fortnite’s Chapter 4: Season 3’s level-up quest pack is the goth warrior Vikora and all her cosmetics. The bundle comes with access to the outfit and several quests that grant enough XP to go up 28 levels. It can be purchased for 1,200 Vbucks, an amount most battle pass users or crew subscribers can make up for.

On purchasing the pack, players will immediately get access to the base version of the Vikora skin, with her alt form locked behind quests. There’s a total of 28 missions to complete, which will unlock over a period of four weeks. Each grants a single level and involves finding a Level Up Token which is hidden somewhere on the island.

Besides the skin, players can get their hands on four different cosmetic rewards, each being granted on completing that week’s quests. Here’s a look at all of them:

  • Week One (currently available) – Shadow Star Back Bling
  • Week Two (August 3rd) – Sullen Shadow Wrap
  • Week Three (August 10th) – Woven Shadowblade Pickaxe
  • Week Four (August 17th) – Umbra alt style for Vikora

Once all of them are live, they’ll remain available until the end of the season. Completing the pack should ensure that at least the first 100 tiers are unlocked. Fortnite is also hosting a collab with Futurama right now, with numerous themed skins currently in the shop.

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