Fortnite and My Hero Academia's collaboration event goes live in just a few days

Fortnite and My Hero Academia's collaboration event goes live in just a few days

Fortnite has collaborated with a tonne of IPs since launch. What began with The Avengers, soon progressed into a plethora of franchises like Star Wars, Rick and Morty, characters from DC Comics, and a bunch of pop culture stars. This year we also saw anime crossovers with the likes of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, paving the way for even more of them.

And with the launch of Chapter 4: Season 1 on Fortnite, we’re all set to yet another anime collaboration as My Hero Academia is coming to the battle royale. And what’s more, is that it’s almost here because the event goes live on December 16th.

The otakus must be dancing right now because the collab is so close. Unfortunately, we don’t know too many details right now but the fans knew that this was happening since the series’ main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, more popularly known as Deku, was featured in the Chapter 4 launch video.

In the launch video, we saw Deku as a playable character. When the DBZ collaboration went live, Epic added the Kamehameha as a move and it was absolutely loved by everyone. The clip also shows Deku using a move, probably One for All, to channel all this energy and blast through buildings, pouring all the debris over opponents.

Additionally, the Chapter 4 cinematic also had a very brief view of what looked like a Pickaxe inspired by All Might, Deku’s mentor. It has the same colour scheme and pattern. Check out the image embedded in this article to get a better look at it.

While we don’t know exactly what will be part of the crossover, players can expect favourites to show up. Deku is obviously going to be there, but we can assume that others like Ochacho, Shoto, and maybe even All Might may show up.

All will be revealed in a few days. Download Fortnite now from the official website or play on XCloud.

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Tanish Botadkar
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