Fortnite launches Chapter 4: Season 1 with a new map, battle pass, and a tonne of new gameplay features

Fortnite launches Chapter 4: Season 1 with a new map, battle pass, and a tonne of new gameplay features

Fortnite’s shortest chapter yet has finally concluded and it has made way for yet another overhaul, as the popular battle royale welcomes new beginnings with Chapter 4: Season 1. While the Fracture event was nothing to write home about besides the cool-looking cinematics, the new season appears to introduce a tonne of things including a reconstructed island, dirt bikes, snowballs, augments, brand new weapons, and of course, the much-awaited battle pass.

The Story

For those that missed the live event, The Herald and her Chrome were back to destroy the island. Initially, it looked like victory could be attained, but then she turned into this massive Chrome monster and Chrom-ified the entire island, destroying it in the process.

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But it looks like some fragments survived and players had to refill the Zero Point’s energy so that it can pull pack these pieces and also borrow some from other realities. As a result, expect to see new and returning POIs on the map. Things end with Paradigm supposedly sacrificing herself to ensure that Zero Fusion occurs and the Island is safe again.

Battle Pass

Everyone’s favourite part of a new season is the battle pass, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Finally, after so long is the tier 100 skin an original instead of a collab that doesn’t really contribute to the story. The skins include Massai, Dusty, Nezumi, and Helsie, the ultra-cool Doom Slayer skin straight from Bethesda. Finally, the tier 100 skin is none other than Fortnite’s overarching villain, Geno, who has been referred to as The Ageless.

This time’s secret skin is another collaboration, the monster-hunter for hire, the all-powerful Witcher, Geralt of Rivia! In addition to this, the cinematic also included Hulk riding a bike and Deku from My Hero Academia, perhaps hinting towards their inclusion too as the season progresses.

What’s New

Here’s just a quick round-up of the new additions to the season because there are a lot.

New POIs include The Ageless’ home base, The Citadel, Anvil Square, Brutal Bastion, Frenzy Fields, and more. Cool new ways of traversal include massive snowballs that have the same boulder mechanics and Trail Thrasher, a motorbike.

Reality augments is another new mechanic being introduced. There are 22 of them, which will be randomly presented to players as the match progresses. They will grant benefits such as faster reloading, explosive ammo for bows, glider redeploy, unlimited vehicle use, low gravity and a lot more.

And finally, the new weapons include the Ex-Calibre Rifle, Thunder Shotgun, Maven Auto Shotgun, Red-Eye Assault Rifle, Twin Mag SMG, Tactical Pistol, and the super cool Shockwave Hammer that is guaranteed to change gameplay up.

There’s a lot more to explore so hop into Fortnite’s latest chapter by downloading the game from the official website. You can also play on XCloud if you use iOS.

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