Fortnite's January 2023 Crew Pack will feature the Gildhart cosmetic set

Fortnite's January 2023 Crew Pack will feature the Gildhart cosmetic set

The new year will be here in a week and that means 365 more days of events and collaborations to look forward to in Fortnite. Kicking things off in 2023 is the battle royale’s latest addition to their Crew Pack featuring the golden stag of vengeance, Gildhart and his cosmetics.

Subscribers will gain access to Fortnite’s January 2023 Crew Pack beginning December 31st onwards. This will be Chapter 4: Season 1’s first pack with many more to come on a monthly basis. So, in addition to the cosmetic set, players will also get access to the new battle pass featuring outfits like the Ageless and Doom Slayer, with Geralt of Rivia as the secret skin.

Paying for next month’s Crew Pack will grant the Gildhart skin and the Golden Guard Back Bling and Gilt Glaiva Pickaxe to go along with it. And of course, players also get the Photonic Legacy pickaxe which has new upgrades launching every month.

The Photonic Legacy set features a total of six stages with the first stage being unlocked immediately on purchase. It will be available until May 31st, 2023. Next month, stage three should be launching, which will grant the Cyberlight Style that turns the pickaxe into a dual-wielding one.

In addition to this, subscribers will also receive 1,000 Vbucks and those that have already bought the battle pass will receive another 950 Vbucks instead. Players also just have only a few days remaining to get their hands on this month’s Crew Pack before it runs out.

The December 2022 Crew Pack contains one of the High Stakes Club members, Joni the Red and her Hunter's Holdall Back Bling, the Scarlet Oath Pickaxe, and the On a Hunt Loading Screen. Purchase the Crew Pack for $11.99 a month.

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