Fortnite's December 2022 Crew Pack is set to feature the Joni the Red set

Fortnite's December 2022 Crew Pack is set to feature the Joni the Red set

We’re now less than a week away from the conclusion of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 as the Fracture Event goes live on December 3rd, bringing an end to both Season 4: Paradise and the shortest chapter yet. You can find more details about the finale in this article. Epic Games still plans of showering players with new content though, as the Crew Pack rotations continue.

Releasing on November 30th is Fortnite’s December Crew Pack featuring Joni the Red, the newest member of the vampire-hunting High Stakes Club. The new set will be available from 7:00 pm ET onwards alongside 1,000 Vbucks and access to the season’s battle pass, although that doesn’t really matter anymore now.

Joni believes in hunting in style so vampires beware, the lady in fashionable drip is on the prowl. And on top of that, her fashion is customizable too as players can toggle Joni the Red’s mask, glasses, and hairpins on or off in the locker. The other cosmetic items just make the pack even more fulfilling.

This Crew Pack will give players access to the Hunter’s Holdall Back Bling and The Scarlet Oath Pickaxe, which is reactive and begins glowing when weak points a hit, with a full red colour when getting an elimination. Afu Chan has also created an awesome piece of art called On a Hunt that has been transformed into a Loading Screen.

But that’s not all! This month’s Crew Pack brings with it a lot of additional benefits that will be available throughout the month, including an alt style for Joni. It won’t matter when players purchase the pack and all rewards will be provided as long as it is bought in December.

In case you haven’t purchased the Inkquisitor Crew Pack yet, last chance for that as well before it’s swapped out. And of course, the Photonic Legacy set will be providing new stages monthly based on your subscription date.

Download Fortnite now on the official website or play using XCloud before the battle royale goes dark for a bit.

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