Fortnite reveals more details about the Fracture Finale Event that goes live soon

Fortnite reveals more details about the Fracture Finale Event that goes live soon

Fortnite fans were hit with quite the surprise last week as Epic Games announced that Chapter 3 of the highly popular battle royale will be concluding with Season 4: Paradise. On December 3rd, at 4:00 pm ET the Fracture Finale Event will go live and it will end this cycle of Fortnite, and it has been described as an “Otherworldly and unexpected social event. Don’t fall to pieces…”

These finales on Fortnite have always been extremely memorable. When Chapter 1 concluded, the entire island got sucked up by a black hole while Chapter 2's ending flipped the island itself. While we don’t know what’s going to happen ten days later, it is certainly going to bring a fulfilling end to Fortnite’s shortest chapter yet.

The Herald was defeated, but The Geno is still at large, maybe we just might learn a thing or two about them. The newly released artwork definitely shows that things are going to be destroyed. The Chrome is still chromin’ around at the bottom and there’s a huge tornado behind ripping everything apart. Hence the warning of not falling into pieces.

Fracture’s playlist will be available 30 minutes prior and squads of up to four can hop in for the event. Epic has also stated that this will be a one-time in-game event only, meaning that no replays will be available. So, if you want to maintain this memory, then be sure to record all that happens. Fortnite is also celebrating the beginning of the end with the new Toasty Roast Emote that will be available until December 4th.

Now that all known information about the finale is out, here’s a checklist about the stuff players might want to complete before Fortnite temporarily goes dark:

  • Go up to level 100 and get all the battle pass rewards
  • Keep grinding above that to gain all the Super Styles
  • Complete Ayida’s Level Up Quest Pack if you bought it
  • Participate in the upcoming Avian Ambush and Bargain Binge Week to gain Level Up Tokens, XP, and Gold

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